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Which Type of Crush (بجری) is Used in Home Construction?

Crush Price in Pakistan

When it comes to construction, one thing that remains the top priority is the building structure’s strength and durability. Strength and durability are determined by each and every component that is used in the building. Crush is one such component that makes a building structure durable by strengthening the reinforcements and bondings. Known as aggregate in terms of engineering, crush is used in concrete mixes. Its usage is suitable both for Plain Cement Concrete ( PCC) and Reinforced Cement concrete(RCC). You can check Updated Crush (بجری) Price Today in 2021

Crush is made up of rocks. As the name crush suggests, it is prepared by crushing large rocks into small rocks or granular size. Those tiny rocks are known as Rori and Bajri in Pakistan. Just like sand, the names of different types of crushes are derived from their place of origination. It is usually the place where the rocks were crushed for the preparation of crush.

Crush (بجری) Price in Pakistan Today 2021

Margalla CrushMargalla73,800.00900 CFT/Trolley
Sargodha Crush A+ Class (2-Sooter)Sargodha58,500.00900 CFT/Trolley
Sargodha Crush A Class (2-Sooter)Sargodha55,000.00900 CFT/Trolley
Sargodha Crush B Class (2-Sooter)Sargodha50,000.00900 CFT/Trolley
Sargodha Crush C Class (2-Sooter)Sargodha45,000.00900 CFT/Trolley
Sargodha Crush A+ Class (3-Sooter)Sargodha68,400.00900 CFT/Trolley
Sargodha Crush A Class (3-Sooter)Sargodha62,100.00900 CFT/Trolley
Sargodha Crush B Class (3-Sooter)Sargodha56,700.00900 CFT/Trolley
Sargodha Crush C Class (3-Sooter)Sargodha51,300.00900 CFT/Trolley
Sargodha Crush A+ Class (4-Sooter)Sargodha69,400.00900 CFT/Trolley
Sargodha Crush A Class (4-Sooter)Sargodha63,100.00900 CFT/Trolley
Sargodha Crush B Class (4-Sooter)Sargodha57,700.00900 CFT/Trolley
Sargodha Crush C Class (4-Sooter)Sargodha52,300.00900 CFT/Trolley
Mix Bajar (Kacha)44Per CFT Price
Mix Bajar (Paka)46Per CFT Price
Saaf Bajar (1 inche-1.25 inches)49 – 51Per CFT Price
Stone Dust (Khaka 0-0.5mm)36 – 40Per CFT Price
WBM (Kacha)50Per CFT Price
WBM (Paka)52Per CFT Price

 Some of the well-known stone-crushing sites in Pakistan include Sargodha, Margalla, Dina and Taxila. Sargodha crush and Margalla crush are widely used in Pakistan. Stone crush comes in various sizes, and each of its dimensions has different applications. The most common size used in house construction is 7mm or 12 mm. Margalla Crush (بجری)  Price in Pakistan Today.

 Types of aggregate used in house construction 

Based on size and application, the two main types of crush are:

  1. Fine aggregate (9.5 mm in size)
  2. Coarse aggregate (4.75 mm in size)

Sargodha crush vs. Margalla crush 

Sargodha crush is more prevalent in Central Punjab. The superior quality Margalla crush is commonly used in KPK, Islamabad and Punjab. Latest Prices of Sargodha crush

Transported through dumpers at the construction sites, the quantity of crush is measured in cubic feet. When it comes to Buying Crush in Pakistan, one should always remain wary of deceptive dealers. Dealers often sell a lesser quantity of crush than promised. It can cost you a lot of money, even if it’s only a margin of a few inches in dimension. You can compare both Crush Prices on cost calculator.

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