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Best Bricks for house Construction

Best Bricks for House Construction in Pakistan

In developing countries like Pakistan, bricks are the most popular and widely used building material due to their ease of use and cost-effectiveness. Despite the introduction of alternatives like steel and concrete, the benefits of using bricks as a building block cannot be put aside. There are several characteristics such as thermal conductivity, good compressive strength, and durability that have made the use of bricks viable to this day. 

In Pakistan, there are almost 20,000 brick kilns. The per annum demand for bricks in Pakistan is 112 billion bricks. One of the most common categories of brick is the Awwal category. You may have heard this name before. This category of brick is widely used in grey structure construction. Zarea.pk has laid out the cost estimation of bricks and their exact quantity required for the construction of various sizes of houses such as a 3 marla house, 5 Marla House, 10 Marla House, and one Kanal House. 

Most Common Used Awwal Category Bricks in Pakistan

In this blog, we are going to discuss this popular category of bricks and answer one of the most common questions, i.e., What is the Awwal category brick, and why is it widely used? 

Awwal bricks or A-class bricks is a sub-classification of burnt clay bricks. The history of burnt clay bricks can be traced back to 6000 B.C. It is the first-ever man-made brick. It is made up of a clay block burnt in a kiln. The composition of burnt clay bricks is inorganic and non-metallic in nature. Some of the properties of burnt clay bricks include as follows:

  • They come in an array of natural colors
  • They improve in appearance as they age (never fade). 
  • They provide strength up to 6000 to 10000 psi 
  • They are low maintenance 
  • They are cheap 

The sub-classification of burnt clay bricks is based on their average compressive strength. Awwal category of A-class brick is of the highest quality among other sub-classifications. It is relatively expensive as well. But when it comes to Building a grey structure, they are highly preferred. 

How to Recognize Awwal Category Brick? 

Awwal category or A class brick comes in a standard size. The appearance of the brick is uniform. It is usually yellowish or reddish in color. This type of brick is well burnt. The absorption capacity of Awwal category brick is less than 10%, whereas its crushing strength is 280kg/cm2. It does not show a powdery deposit on its surface.

Another telltale sign is that if you struck this brick with a hammer, it would give off a metallic sound. If you try to scratch it with your fingernails, it will not leave any mark due to the rigidity of the brick. Awwal brick is free from all the additives such as any organic matter, pebble, or gravel. 

The durability is evident from the fact that some of the oldest buildings in the sub-continent are made from this type of brick. Due to their strength, they can easily last up to 100 years. Awwal category bricks are also preferred to build an expose in a corrosive environment. They are also a component of coarse aggregates of concrete. 

If you are planning to buy Awwal category bricks in Pakistan, then you have landed at the right place! Look no further than Zarea.pk, which is a one-stop solution to all your construction and finishing material needs. You can not only check Doam Brick Prices in Pakistan But can also Buy Awwal Bricks Online

Are you constructing a house and want to buy bricks in bulk? Do you want to estimate 1000 Bricks price in Pakistan? Zarea.pk not only updates you on the daily price of construction materials but also offers a cost calculator.  

Zarea.pk is The Best Seller of Construction Material in Pakistan 2022

Zarea.pk ensures that it provides high-end construction materials with unmatched quality. The construction materials listed on our online platform have the best base materials, prepared from the most precise methods. The companies on-board assert a high-capacity of manufacturing. We ensure that each enlisted company has a standard compliance certificate that verifies the quality, quantity, and specifications of their construction materials. This is why you will find the construction materials at Zarea.pk are from top-notch brands. 

Now you can shop online all the high-quality construction materials in one-go. Our rate list will give you insightful information that will cut-short the tricky process of Price Comparison in the Market.

1 Bricks Price in Pakistan 2022

Fly Ash Bricks Awwal Bricks (A+Class) Awwal Bricks (A Class) Tuff Tiles Awal Bricks ( A Class Machine Made) Doam Bricks(Class-B) Khangar Bricks (C Class) Tile Bricks
₨ 14 Rs 13.2 ₨ 12.8 ₨ 50.5 – ₨ 85.5 ₨ 12.2 ₨ 9.2 ₨ 8.8 ₨ 10

1000 Bricks Price in Pakistan:

Fly Ash Bricks Awwal Bricks (A+Class) Awwal Bricks (A Class) Tuff Tiles Awal Bricks ( A Class Machine Made) Doam Bricks(Class-B) Khangar Bricks (C Class) Tile Bricks
Rs 14000 Rs 13,200 Rs 12,800 Rs 50,500 – 85,500 Rs 12,200 Rs 9,200 8,800 10,000


Digital Payment Solutions in Pakistan.

For the first time in Pakistan, Zarea.pk is offering digital payment solutions for the online buying of construction materials. You can not only browse numerous options of Construction Materials at Zarea.pk but can also get all the materials delivered to your door-step. With the technical expertise of Zarea.pk procurement of construction materials doesn’t seem like a complicated process anymore. You can also compare Daily Construction Material Prices in Pakistan at Zarea.pk. 

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