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Difference Between Wall tile and Floor? Tiles Price in Pakistan 2021

Tile price in Pakistan today

Tiles are one of the most common choices for finishing. Tiles are durable and never out of fashion. They are easy to maintain and repair. Above all, tiles are adaptable to different surfaces. Tiles are often attributed to flooring, but contrary to popular conception, tiles have a wide application. 

There are two common categories of tiles known as wall tiles and floor tiles. These tiles differ from each other concerning their application in distinct places, and their attributes are different. If you want to know how wall tiles and floor tiles are different, then you have landed at the right place. In this blog, we are going to discuss their key differences, which are as follows. You can check the Tiles Price in Pakistan 2021


The appearance of the floor tile is more coarse and hard. The reason being that floor tiles are manufactured to withstand foot traffic which can be heavier at times. Floor tiles are often textured, which reduces the risk of slips. On the other hand, wall tiles are more delicate and thin. They are smooth in appearance and become slick when wet. You can easily tell apart floor tile from wall tile based on this basic difference of appearance. 

Wall tiles can have a slightly uneven texture. They are more ornamental than floor tiles. Wall tiles can be manufactured from various materials, some of which include stone and glass. Floor tiles are usually made up of more durable materials like granite and marble. 

Wall tiles are relatively smaller than floor tiles when it comes to size. Wall tiles are hard to be installed vertically, unlike floor tiles. 


Manufacturers have different ratings for distinct categories of tiles. One of the ratings is known as the coefficient of friction rating (COF). Every tile has a COF rating, whether it is made up of porcelain or ceramic. COF rating determines whether a tile can be used as floor tile or wall tile. This rating signifies the safety of tile for walking. As COF rating is based on the level of friction, one of the common indicators is that floor tiles have lower friction as compared to wall tiles. A floor tile usually has a COF rating of 0.50 and higher. 

Another rating is the Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI). This rating signifies the durability of the tile. PEI rating is based on five classes, where Class one is the lowest class that signifies that the respective tile is poor for foot traffic. Class one tiles are wall tiles. On the other hand, class five signifies that the respective tile can withstand heavy-duty foot traffic. Class five tiles are used in the flooring of commercial areas. In simpler terms, Tiles with PEI rating of Class three and above can be characterized as floor tiles white tiles below class three are wall tiles. 

Water resistance 

Both floor tiles and wall tiles are waterproof. The level of water resistance is almost the same. 

Heat resistance

Due to their hard and coarse appearance, floor tiles have better heat-resistance as compared to wall tiles. 


Floor tiles are more durable than wall tiles. It is interesting to note that floor tiles can be used on walls, but wall tiles cannot be used on floors because they cant withstand the foot traffic with the same strength as floor tiles. 


The process of installation is the same for both tiles. However, wall tiles are easy to cut and install due to their thinness. 


The cost of both floor tile and wall tile is usually the same. However, the variation can occur based on material, texture or size. 

Floor tile vs Wall tile: Which is Best? 

There is no clear-cut answer to which type of tile is best because both have different applications. 

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Tiles Price in Pakistan Today 2021

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