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How to Choose Plumbing Fixtures for Bathroom in Pakistan?

Plumbing Fixture

Plumbing fixtures are central to any bathroom design.  Toilet, wash basin, bathtub and shower are a few of the essential components of bathroom plumbing fixtures. When it comes to choosing the right plumbing fixtures for your bathroom, functionality and aesthetics both go hand in hand. They require meticulous attention-to-detail. This is why it is important to be fully aware of the options before making any purchases. There are a wide range of plumbing fixtures available in the market which are not only cost-effective but also a perfect fit for a standard bathroom. However, the size and design of the bathroom should always be taken into consideration during the selection of plumbing fixtures. You can Buy Plumbing Material at Best Price in Pakistan. is here to help you with your selection. In this article, we are going to layout different available options of plumbing fixtures in Pakistan which are as follows:

Shower Head 

In any standard bathroom, a showerhead is a must-have. However, choosing the right shower head is not an easier task. From water pressure to type and the size of shower head, you have to consider them all before selecting one. The six common types of shower heads include ceiling shower head, wall-mounted, telephonic showerhead, dual showerhead, low flow showerhead and adjustable showerhead. 

Showerheads also come with different spraying options. Showerheads with jet spray offers high-pressure of water. Rinse spray showerheads gives off a soaking effect with its central nozzle. Pulsating spray showerhead ejects water like a pulse – the pattern varies.  Wide spray showerhead throws water at as wide angle in a consistent fashion. All of these types have distinct functionalities and design which are briefly discussed below:

Ceiling shower

This type of shower head is also known as rain showerhead. As the name implies, a rain showerhead gives off a feeling of rainfall. Ceiling shower is one of the most sought-after showerheads in modern bathroom design. They add a touch of luxury to the bathroom. 

Wall-mounted showerhead 

This is the most common type of showerhead. This type of showerhead is highly functional but basic in design. This type of shower heads is not detachable. 

Telephonic showerheads

This type of shower head is hand-held. Telephonic showerheads are quite convenient to use. They can move easily and come with extendable pipe. 

Adjustable shower heads 

This type of shower head is mostly found in fancy bathrooms. Adjustable shower heads come with different spraying options and adjustable water pressure. This type of shower head is also rotatable. It often rotates both in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. Adjustable shower heads are perfect fit for those who desire both comfort and luxury. 

Low-flow shower head 

Low flow shower heads are environment-friendly. They help to conserve water and a good option for those who are conscious about saving water. Low-flow shower heads come with distinct spraying options. Rainfall and aerated showerhead are the most popular ones. 

Dual shower heads 

Dual shower heads come with both handheld and fixated options. This is what makes this type of showerhead a preferable and popular option in Pakistan. Dual shower heads can easily be dismounted from the wall and used in a similar fashion of telephonic showerhead. Due to dual configuration, typically this shower head is the best option to go for. 

Wash basins 

Counter top 

This type of wash basin is ideal for vintage and modern style bathrooms. This configuration allows the installation of both single and double wash basins. 


Wall-mounted wash basins are the most common type of wash basins widely used in Pakistan. They provide a minimalist appearance to the bathroom. 


This type of wash basin is fitted under the counter. The rim of the wash basin is adjusted at the side of the counter. Under mount wash basins are neat looking and easy to clean. edges.


Unlike under-mount wash basins, this type sets over the top of the counter. They are also more durable , given their lesser chances of being damaged with water because of its higher. The plus point for this type of wash basin is that you can choose any type of countertop material for its fitting. 


Following types of commodes are popular choices in Pakistan:

  • Wall-mounted commodes 

Fitted with a wall, this type of commode has concealed water pipes. However, this type of commode can be a bit costlier. 

  • Dual-flush commodes 

Dual flush commodes are eco-friendly in nature. This type of commode comes with helps to conserve water. It has a small push button for disposing liquid waste while it also has a larger one for solid waste. 

  • One-piece toilets 

This type of commode is multi-functional as it comes with a toilet bowl, water tank and piping system all integrated into one. This is also the most common type of commodes found in Pakistan. 

Modern Bathtubs for your Bathroom

Following types of bathtubs are common in Pakistan:

  • Basic bathtub 

This type of bathtub is usually 14-16 inches long. Their width is usually 30-32 inches. There are different varieties of bathtub found under this category. One of the common ones is alcove which comes with a front panel and faucets fitted on its sides. In this type of bathtub, only the rim is visible while the exterior is concealed. 

  • Soaking tubs 

These types of tubs are much deeper. Typically 20 inches deep. They are ideal for soaking and give an inkling of a mini-swimming pool. 

  • Whirlpool tub 

This type of tub is costlier than its counterparts. It is self-contained and suitable for body massage. Mostly this type of tub is installed in large size bathrooms.

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