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The Most Common Types of Bricks Used for Construction

Types of bricks

When it comes to construction materials, the first thing that comes to mind is the brick. Bricks are the building blocks of any building. Bricks form the basic structure of the entire building due to which choosing the right type of brick is highly important. Common Types of Bricks Used for Construction are Given Below.

Why are Bricks Important? 

  • They provide aesthetics to the architecture. 
  • They are durable and provide strength to the building. 
  • They are moisture-resistant and can protect the building structure. 
  • Due to their ability to absorb atmospheric particles, they provide insulation and save energy. 

1 Bricks Price in Pakistan 2021:

Fly Ash BricksAwwal Bricks (A+Class)Awwal Bricks (A Class)Tuff TilesAwal Bricks ( A Class Machine Made)Doam Bricks(Class-B)Khangar Bricks (C Class)Tile Bricks
₨ 14Rs 13.2₨ 12.8₨ 50.5 – ₨ 85.5₨ 12.2₨ 9.2₨ 8.8₨ 10

1000 Bricks Price in Pakistan:

Fly Ash BricksAwwal Bricks (A+Class)Awwal Bricks (A Class)Tuff TilesAwal Bricks ( A Class Machine Made)Doam Bricks(Class-B)Khangar Bricks (C Class)Tile Bricks
Rs 14000Rs 13,200Rs 12,800Rs 50,500 – 85,500Rs 12,200Rs 9,2008,80010,000
*All Prices are Exclusive of Delivery in Punjab.

Bricks are classified into several categories, depending upon their applications and properties. is back with its expert’s insight. In this blog, we are going to discuss the most common types of bricks used for construction, which are as follows:

Burnt Clay Bricks specifications

Burnt clay brick is the most common type of brick used in the construction industry. As the name suggests, burnt clay bricks are made up of clay. For the preparation of burnt clay brick different methods are used. The clay is either dry-pressed or molded and then it is fired in a kiln, hence the name burnt clay. This type of brick is sub-classified into different classes naming, the class first, second, third, and fourth. This sub-classification is based on the appearance and strength of the brick. 

The first-class bricks (also known as Awwal bricks or A-class) are used for exterior walls and flooring. They are well-known for their durability. The second-class bricks (also known as Doum bricks or B-class) are used for exterior plastering. The third-class (also known as Khangar bricks or C-class) bricks are used for temporary construction especially when the weather conditions are dry. The fourth-class bricks are used in a crushed and broken form. Their common application is in the construction of roads. 

Uses, Benefits, and Drawbacks of Fly Ash in House Construction

As the name suggests, this type of brick constitutes fly ash and fired clay. Fly ash bricks are made at an extremely high temperature. The glassy particles of fly ash are accumulated when the pulverized coal is burnt in an electric-power generation plant. Due to the presence of fly ash, the brick constitutes a higher concentration of calcium oxide. 

Fly ash bricks are less porous. They exhibit a lower level of water penetration. Fly ash bricks are known for “self-cementing”. Consisting of a fairly high density, they are better at withstanding freeze-thaw cycles as compared to burnt clay bricks. Fly ash bricks also have fire isolation properties. 

When exposed to moisture, fire clay bricks expand easily. One of the biggest advantages of using fire clay bricks in construction is the ease of its use due to its light-weight. The most common applications of fire clay bricks include pillars, structural walls, and foundations. 

Sand Lime Bricks Specification and Suppliers in Pakistan 

As obvious as it may sound, sand-lime bricks are made up of sand, lime, and clay. They are also known as calcium silicate bricks. In sand-lime bricks, pigments are often used to impart a colored texture to the brick. Unlike other types of bricks, sand-lime bricks are chemically-set bricks. 

The advantages of sand-lime brick include superior load-bearing capacity, uniform color and texture, smooth finish, acoustic insulation, and good fire resistance. However, it is important to note that sand lime bricks are affected by thermal movements and are subjected to initial shrinkage. This can lead to cracks in the structure, especially if the shrinkage was uncalled for in the design of the building. Sand lime bricks are not suitable for pavements due to their low abrasion resistance. The common application of sand-lime bricks are pillars, walls, and ornamental purposes. 

Concrete Bricks Specification and Suppliers in Pakistan 

Concrete bricks are made up of Portland cement, water, and aggregate. This type of bricks is made by pouring concrete into a mold caste. This ensures the size uniformity of the bricks. The mold can be designed as per the architectural requirement for producing different finishes on the face edge of the brick. 

Additionally, pigments are added in concrete bricks to impart different colors. Pigments such as iron-oxide are often added to create a specific appearance of the brick. Aggregates can also change the appearance of the brick by differing its texture from stone to sand. Concrete bricks are 3 times stronger and more durable than clay bricks. They have much higher compressive strength. The absorbency valuer of concrete bricks is also two times higher than clay bricks. 

Concrete Masonry Units (CMU)

Sometimes, concrete masonry units (CMU) are also referred to as concrete bricks. Not to confuse the two, the main distinction is the size of both. Concrete bricks are smaller while CMUs are larger, having hollow cavities within. The most common application of concrete bricks is fences and under-the-wall brickwork. 

Engineering Bricks  Specification and Suppliers in Pakistan 

Known for their high compressive strength and low porosity, engineering bricks are used to add strength to the overall structure of the building. It is water-resistant and frost-resistant which adds to its durability. 

Engineering bricks have two sub-classes known as Class-A and Class-B. Awwal Bricks  Today Price in 2021 Engineering bricks are not used for the appearance of construction but rather in construction projects where higher strength is much needed such as tunnels, linings of furnace, oven, and chimney. They are also used in sewers and manholes. 

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