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Construction Material for Sale in Pakistan

Construction Material For Sale

 Choosing high-quality construction material is a tedious process. It not only requires extensive research but also requires endless efforts to stir clear from parasitic brands and money-grabbing intermediaries. But now you have to worry no more! has made the buying of construction materials easier than ever before. is among the pioneers of e-commerce in the sector of construction and building materials in Pakistan. It provides a one-stop solution to all your construction needs.

By bridging the gap between buyers and sellers, is committed to overcoming the challenges of Buying Construction Materials in Pakistan. Now you can easily buy online building materials in Pakistan through

If you are wondering where to get all the construction materials then is the solution. ensures that it provides high-end construction materials with unmatched quality. The construction materials enlisted on our platform have the best base materials, prepared from the most precise methods. The companies listed on our platform assert a high-capacity of manufacturing. We ensure that each enlisted company has a standard compliance certificate that verifies the quality, quantity, and specifications of their construction materials. 

 You can shop online all the high-quality construction materials in one-go. Our rate list will give you insightful information that will cut-short the tricky process of price comparison in the market.

For the first time in Pakistan, is offering digital payment solutions for the online buying of construction materials. You can not only browse numerous options of construction materials on but can also get all the materials delivered to your door-step.

With the market expertise of procurement of construction materials doesn’t seem like a complicated process anymore. 

Why Choose ? 

The biggest advantage of buying construction materials on is that it offers more variety than any brick-and-mortar shop ever could. We have a wider range of brands and companies on-board. This will allow you to shop all the necessities of construction materials from one place. also provides insightful information like how-to guides, purchasing suggestions, and expert reviews. The information you acquire from our  platforms is far more reliable than a contractor’s or supplier’s recommendation. For the first time in Pakistan, offers money-back guarantee of construction materials within 24 hours of purchase. It is also offering a mega sale of up to  20% off on the market rates. 

The construction materials that you can find at is as follows:

Cement Price in Pakistan 2021 All Cement Companies Rate Lis

Flying Cement50kg Per Bag570
Flying Cement (For Sindh only)50kg Per Bag585
Bestway Cement50kg Per Bag600
Bestway Xtreme Bond20kg Per bag280
Bestway Pakcem50kg Per Bag610
DG Cement OPC50kg Per Bag615
Fauji Cement50kg Per Bag600
Lucky Cement OPC50kg Per Bag590
Maple Leaf Cement50kg Per Bag615
Maple Leaf White Cement50kg Per Bag1260
Power Cement OPC (For Sindh Only)50kg Per Bag595
Power Cement SRC (For Sindh Only)50kg Per Bag615
DG Cement OPC (For Sindh only)50kg Per Bag660
DG Cement SRC (For Sindh only)50kg Per Bag665

Steel Price in Pakistan 2021 All Steel Companies Rate List

60-Grade Steel BarAmerli SteelsPer Kg136-137
60-Grade Steel BarAl-Haj Asia SteelPer Kg134-135
40-Grade Steel BarMS SteelPer Kg129-130
60-Grade Steel BarKamran SteelPer Kg133-134
40-Grade Steel BarSteel KamranPer Kg134-135
60-Grade Steel BarFF SteelPer Kg133-134
40-Grade Steel BarIttefaq SteelPer Kg136-137
60-GradeSteel BarIttefaq SteelPer Kg139-140
60-Grade Steel BarMughal SteelPer Kg131-132

Bricks Price in Pakistan 2021 All Bricks Companies Rate List

  • Awwal Bricks ( Class A+)
  • Awwal Bricks KS (A class)
  • Awwal Bricks CH (A class)
  • Awwal Bricks SB (A class)
  • Awwal bricks ( A class machine made)
  • Doam Bricks (Class B) 
  • Khangar bricks ( Class C) 
  • Gladstone tiles 
  • Tuff tiles 
  • Concrete Bricks
  • Machine Bricks
  • Fly Ash Bricks
Awwal Bricks (A+ Class)Per Brick11.7
Awwal Bricks (A Class)Per Brick11.3
Awal Bricks ( A Class Machine Made)Per Brick10.7
Doam Bricks (B Class)Per Brick7.7
Khangar Bricks (C Class)Per Brick8.5
Awwal Tiles (A Class)Per Brick9.3
Clad Stone TilesPer Brick43
SB BricksPer Brick12
CH BricksPer Brick12
Tuff TilesPer Brick49 – 84

Sand (ریت) in Pakistan 2021 All Sand (ریت)Companies Rate List

Ravi Sand Trolley700 CFT13,000.00
Chanab Sand Trolley
700 CFT28,000.00

Crush (بجری) Price in Pakistan 2021 All Crush (بجری) Companies Rate List

Margalla CrushMargalla73,800.00900 CFT/Trolley
Sargodha Crush A+ Class (2-Sooter)Sargodha58,500.00900 CFT/Trolley
Sargodha Crush A Class (2-Sooter)Sargodha55,000.00900 CFT/Trolley
Sargodha Crush B Class (2-Sooter)Sargodha50,000.00900 CFT/Trolley
Sargodha Crush C Class (2-Sooter)Sargodha45,000.00900 CFT/Trolley
Sargodha Crush A+ Class (3-Sooter)Sargodha68,400.00900 CFT/Trolley
Sargodha Crush A Class (3-Sooter)Sargodha62,100.00900 CFT/Trolley
Sargodha Crush B Class (3-Sooter)Sargodha56,700.00900 CFT/Trolley
Sargodha Crush C Class (3-Sooter)Sargodha51,300.00900 CFT/Trolley
Sargodha Crush A+ Class (4-Sooter)Sargodha69,400.00900 CFT/Trolley
Sargodha Crush A Class (4-Sooter)Sargodha63,100.00900 CFT/Trolley
Sargodha Crush B Class (4-Sooter)Sargodha57,700.00900 CFT/Trolley
Sargodha Crush C Class (4-Sooter)Sargodha52,300.00900 CFT/Trolley
Mix Bajar (Kacha)44Per CFT Price
Mix Bajar (Paka)46Per CFT Price
Saaf Bajar (1 inche-1.25 inches)49 – 51Per CFT Price
Stone Dust (Khaka 0-0.5mm)36 – 40Per CFT Price
WBM (Kacha)50Per CFT Price
WBM (Paka)52Per CFT Price


Wires and Cables 

Pipes educates customers about the pros and cons of certain construction materials. We make you aware of the alternatives. enables you to make better and informed decisions. There will barely be any mention of alternatives or in-depth information at local shops because the supplier will provide you only with costly solutions to make you purchase the materials they have to offer. 

Say goodbye to all the haggling and nagging sellers! We provide premium quality assurance with a market competitive discount. 

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