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Choosing the Right Cables for Your New Home

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During construction, the exterior of the house is constructed with great attention to detail. Every little aspect is thoroughly considered before making a final decision. One of the common mistakes that house owners often make is that they overlook many aspects of interior that determine the functionality and durability of the house.

One such aspect is wiring. Although understanding the nuances of cables and their functions can be confusing, knowing their type and parameters of choosing the right cable can save you big time. When you know the basics of wiring and cables, then it is easier to remodel or repair it if any issue occurs in the future. 

Why We Recommend to Buy High Quality Cable

As an attempt to save costs, homeowners often tend to choose cheap cables. This miscalculation can cause problems later on. High-quality cables can help to save electricity costs in the long run. If you are wondering how to choose the right electrical cables for your new home then below is a list of all important points of considerations:

Choose high-end brands for quality Cables & Wires

Home electrification is one of the most crucial aspects of home construction. It is not only directly associated with functionality but also the safety of the house. If you choose cheap cables , you will never be sure about its quality and probably be risking your safety. Always go for high-end brands while selecting cables for your house because often these brands meet set safety standards. 

List of Cables & Wires Manufacturers in Pakistan

They offer high-quality and good performance as well. Some of the high-end cable brands available in Pakistan include: Newage Cables , Pakistan Cables, Allied Cables, Pioneer Cables and Fast Cables. You can easily find these cable brands at and buy cables online in Pakistan. 

We Prefer pure copper cable 

While choosing the type of electric cable, always go for pure copper cable as it is least likely to experience any short-circuits with that. Pure copper cables also have least chances of meltdown. 


 Determining the right size of cable is crucial because if the cable does not match with the current then it can lead to short circuits and fire outbreak. To ascertain the required size of cable, thickness and length are the important points of consideration. You need to know the current carrying capacity of the respective cable.

Cables come in various sizes. Cables like Newage Cables , Pakistan Cables , Allied Cables, Pioneer Cables and Fast Cables offer various sizes to choose from. Each size represents the diameter of the metal conductor inside the cable, pertaining to its capacity of conducting current.  


The outer sheathing of the cables have markings imprinted on them which signify important information about the cable. This information includes type of insulation, wire size, wire material, number of wires and specific rating of the wire. Reading these labels on the cables can help you get a better idea that the cable you are choosing is appropriate as per your requirements. 

Color Code for cable in electrical

Just like the labels marked on outer sheathing of the cables, color coding signifies the particular type of cable. This color coding is applied both to the interior and exterior of the cable. Once you understand the color coding, you will understand the function and properties of each cable. This knowledge will help you maintain consistency in the electrical system. 

Color code of a cable often signifies the amperage rating of the cable. However, it is important to note that the color code of individual wires do not signify size or rating. It only signifies the preferred usage and specific standards of wiring. Black and red colored wires signify current carrying. Green colored wires are insulated while brown and white wires are grounded. 

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