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Which Sand Is Best For House Construction?

Best Sand for house Construction

Sand is one of the essential components of building materials. The application of sand is wide in the construction industry. Concrete, plaster, cement and mortar, all are made up of sand. It is used for filling underneath the floor and basement. Sand is also used in wall reinforcements. Sand is easily compressible. The sand used in construction usually originates from local areas to avoid transportation costs. This is why Ravi sand and Chanab sand is much popular in Punjab. You can Check Ravi sand Price in Pakistan

The sand used in construction is free of impurities or any stones. Unlike clay, it doesn’t consist of any chemically active substances. It is made up of quartz only. There are various types of sand available in the market. Each type of sand is distinct in its origin, properties and usage. This is why it is hard to have a final say on which sand is best for house construction. For better understanding, below is the list of common types of sand used in the construction industry. 

Sand Price in Pakistan 2021

Ravi Sand Trolley700 CFT13,000.00
Chanab Sand Trolley
700 CFT28,000.00

What is Concrete Sand & Specifications?

Concrete sand is made up of crushed concrete. The common application of concrete sand is the cement and asphalt mixture. Rocks and fragments are removed from this sand with the help of a filter. Due to its coarse nature, this sand is used for levelling base layers. It is also used in patios and walking pathways. 

When mixed up with cement and water, concrete sand can form a solid mass. This is why it is used to fill up the void in coarse aggregates. Concrete sand has small granules as compared to crushed stone sand. This is why concrete sand is preferred for constructing softer pavements. Concrete sand improves the stability of the structure. It is also relatively larger than white sand. You can also Check The Daily Prices of sand by One click.

 What is Pit Sand? – availability, advantage & their use.

Pit sand is known for its excellent binding properties. This type of sand is embedded up to 3 meters in the ground. Originated from deep pits, it is rough and sharp in texture. Its binding properties are owed to its angular and coarse grains. Due to the presence of iron-oxide, pit sand appears reddish-orange.

 Pit sand does not react with moisture in the air as its grains lack any salts. This factor adds to the rigidity of pit sand. This type of sand is not smooth. It is important to note that pit sand’s particle size is too large, making it difficult for broader applications. This is why its usage is limited. 

River Sand Mostly Used in Construction

River sand is also known as natural sand as it originates directly from the river. It is considered one of the finest quality of sand. Commonly used in concrete and masonry work, it is widely used in brick and blockwork. River sand is also used in RCC and plastering. Latest Price of Ravi sand in 2021

 The grains of river sand is not only better in shape but also smoother in texture. The moisture is entrapped in the sand particles, due to which a lesser amount of water is required for the mixture. In an average quality of river sand, up to 20% silt is present. It also contains silica. However, silica content should be less than 5%. This sand is white-grey. Chenab sand is one of the best river sand and best quality.  According to our research and estimates, the average price of Chenab River sand. Chanab sand and Ravi sand is quite popular in Pakistan. 

This sand is white-grey. Chanab sand, Ghazi sand ( from Dera Ghazi Khan), Dina sand (from Jhelum) and Ravi sand ( from Lahore) is quite popular in Pakistan. They got their respective names from their points of origination.


M-sand is an acronym for manufactured sand. This is one of the most common types of sand used in the construction industry. M-sand can be used as an alternative to both river sand and concrete sand. This type of sand is not only good in quality but is also preferred due to its cost-effectiveness. The use of this sand cut short the hassle and costs of transportation of sand from river beds.

 M sand is prepared by crushing granite. Due to its angular particles, M sand enhances the strength of concrete. However, due to these angular particles’ presence, the amount of water required to form a mixture is relatively high. This can be compensated by adding cement content to the mixture.

 As an artificially manufactured sand, M sand is free of silt and rocks. One of the most significant advantages of M-sand is that it has no impurities. The size of its grain is usually uniform and can also be controlled to bring variations. M-sand is not only durable but also unmatched for its high concrete strength. This sand also minimizes construction defects. 

 Crushed Stone Sand 

This type of sand is made by crushing stones. It has drainage properties. Its typical applications include ready-mix concrete and filter stones. 

Granite Sand also known as Lawrencepur sand

Granite sand has a soft composition. It is used for pathways and driveways. This type of sand is used with a crushed rock base underneath. This sand is made up of decomposed granite. Granite sand is interchangeably referred to as granitic sand. The most popular granitic sand in Pakistan is Lawrencepur sand ( also known as harrow sand) which originates from granitic rocks of Himalaya. 

Sea Sand Used in Structures Causes!!

Just like river sand is extracted from river beds, sea sand comes from beaches. However, this type of sand can have detrimental salts as its constituent. This is why it is essential to ensure that it is pure. Its high compressive strength and tensile strength are used as fine aggregate in concrete making. Sea sand should not be used in reinforced concrete works. 

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