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Why is Steel Bars Useful For Constructing a Building

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text text_larger=”no”]Mughal Steel has several features that, when combined, offer maximum strength and durability to RCC structures. Why is Steel Bars Useful For Constructing a Building. The most well-known of these properties is its corrosion-resistance, ductility, which makes its earthquake-proof and higher tensile strength.

However, there is one more feature that adds an extra layer of robustness to the structure – the cross ribbed pattern on the outer surface of the Mughal Steel Bar!

For most laypersons, this pattern might seem fairly ordinary. But as any civil engineer would tell you – they are crucial for keeping the concrete and the steel bonded together.

What does the pattern on Mughal Steel do?

Earlier ordinary smooth Steel had higher instances of material slippage i.e., concrete often slipped, causing structural collapse. This was mostly due to low bonding between concrete and steel bars. Mughal steel with cross ribbed patterns was introduced to provide better bonding with concrete. The deformed patterns provide a better grip with construction materials.

This enhanced grip is crucial for keeping the structure intact during natural calamities such as earthquakes or floods when the stability of structures can reduce the loss of life and property.

What do you need to keep in mind while selecting Cross Ribbed Mughal Steel?

Pattern shape:

Every Mughal Steel bar comes with a particular pattern on its outer surface – called ribs and lugs or cross-ribbed pattern. The specific pattern comes in several variations and is decided according to how the Mugal Steel bar will be used and the properties that are most desired.

For example, decreasing the height of lugs makes the Mughal Steel more flexible, while transverse ribs binding in the longitudinal ribs lead to the highest bond, but lower bending capacity.

Pattern formation:

Consistency of the pattern and the technique of forming it is also an important factor you must pay attention to while selecting a cross ribbed Mughal Steel bar. The best pattern is made with CNC notch cutting machines, which ensure uniformity in the rib pattern giving the Mughal Steel bar higher fatigue strength. Below are the top Six companies in Steel Bars ranked according to our study

1- Mugal steel

2- Ittefaq Steel

3- Amreli Steel

4- FF Steel

5- Model Steel

6- Kamran Steel

The Bottom Line:

Mughal Steel is undoubtedly the BEST for any RCC construction, and there is absolutely no reason why you should even consider working with ordinary Steel. They are extra strong, earthquake resistant, corrosion-resistant, and, as compared to ordinary Steel, provide higher stability and strength to all types of buildings.

The only thing you need to ensure is that you buy your Mughal Steel from a reputable and well-known manufacturer. The latest and tested construction practices to get the best value for your investment.

If you have any feedback or questions, tell us in the comments section below! You can also start a discussion on Zarea.pk Forum.


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