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Creative Ways to Add Color to Your Home

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text text_larger=”no”]In This Post, Walls Paints are plenty of ways to decorate the walls of your home without damaging them, but paints the only means of adding colour to your interior?  Creative Ways to Add Color to Your Home. No, there are actually several ways to achieve colourful décor for your home. Let’s cover some of these rental home décor ideas below to give your interior a touch of colour.


Some of the best home décor ideas to bring colour into your interior design include:

  • Colour the Walls
  • Paint the Furniture
  • Go for Colourful Bedding
  • Add Floor Rugs
  • Reupholster Your Seating
  • Opt for Wall Art
  • Choose the Right Lights
  • Get Colourful Window Coverings
  • Install Appliances in Varying Hues
  • Bring in the Plants
  • Use Decorative Touches

Let’s elaborate on each of these ways to bring colour into your home so that you can put your own personal touch on the interior design and make it feel like home.

Colour The Walls:

Let’s start with the most obvious solution – paint the walls in the colour scheme of your choice for a bright and colourful interior. Unfortunately, as a tenant, you will need your landlord’s permission to do so and most home property owners are not too keen on tenants leaving their personal style statements on the rental units they occupy for the duration of the tenancy.

This means that you can paint the walls for as long as you live in your current home but when you decide to move out or if you are unable to renew your tenancy agreement, you will need to paint the walls back to how you found them when you first moved in.

This may seem like the easiest option to enjoy a colourful interior but it takes double the effort since you will need to repaint the walls whenever you vacate the home.

The same is the case for any wall treatments you may apply to the walls while you live in the property, including wallpapers, wall stickers, or tiles.

Paint The Furniture:

Who says the paint is only good for the walls?

If your landlord will not be happy about you taking a paintbrush to the walls, how about painting your own furniture instead? You can give new life to old furniture with a fresh coat of paint and get that touch of colour you want for your interior as well.

Creative Ways to Add Color to Your Home. You can use this method to add colour to your bedroom, your dining room, or your living space, without worrying about your landlord. However, if you are opting for one of the other colourful décor ideas for home, you will need to balance out the colour scheme and its contrasts accordingly.

Go For Colourful Bedding:

If you’ve recently bought the furniture, love the way it looks, or know that painting the furniture will affect its appeal, then simply add colour to your home with the right textiles. For bedrooms, this means using colourful bedsheets and pillowcases that will brighten up the interior despite the pastel-shaded walls.

Add Floor Rugs:

While changing the flooring of a home might not be possible for tenants, you can cover pale or monotone floors with patterned rugs to add a burst of colour to your home. However, you should choose the rugs wisely if you have kids or your elderly relatives living with you, because some floor rugs might be slippery and become a fall hazard. Creative Ways to Add Color to Your Home.

In addition to the material of the rugs, you will also need to give due consideration to their size to ensure that there is an adequate amount of covered and bare floor space in every room.

Opt For Wall Art:

Hanging art from the walls is an extremely effective way of getting colourful décor for your home. However, if you do not want to damage the walls by inserting nails or hooks for the pictures, consider leaning the frames against the top of your dressing table, console tables, and other surfaces that are at a right angle with the wall.

Use Decorative Touches:

You do not always need to spend large amounts of money to bring colour into your interior design. Simply use colourful covers for your throw pillows, throw some patterned shawls over pastel upholstery, or place small decorative ornaments on shelves and other surfaces around the house for small pops of colour.

Just make sure that all of the different colours go well together to form a cohesive and appealing interior design.

Now you know about some of the top home décor ideas for a colourful interior. If painting the walls of your home is a possibility or you are renovating your home as an owner, here are some of the best colour combinations for bedrooms and the best colour schemes for bathrooms to bring colour into your interior. Creative Ways to Add Color to Your Home.

You can also brighten up the outdoors with some plants that add colour to your garden or yard. Below are the top seven companies in cement ranked according to our study.

1-  Master Paints

2- Berger Paints

3- Diamond Paints

4- Gobi’s Paints

5-ICI Dulux Paints

6- Jotun Paints

7- Kansai Paints

Stay tuned to Zarea Blog for more home décor tips. Don’t forget to write to us at blog Zarea.pk with your comments and feedback on the posts!



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