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Why Choosing Paint from a Reputable Brand is Important?

Why Choosing Paint from a Reputable Brand is Important?

Construction is a long and extensive process. From building grey structure to the finishing of the house, one component that stands apart in the entire process of house construction is the painting of the house. Painting is what gives the final look and feel to the house. No matter how sophisticated the structure of your house is, everything is incomplete without a good quality and colour of paint that brings life to your house.

 Choosing the right colour for painting your house is not an easy task to do given the variety of paint colours in the market. You can check The Best Paint Price List 2021 the However, that is a discussion for another day. What matters even more than the colour of the paint is the quality of the paint. Why? Because the quality of the paint is going to save your day. 

Good quality paint is cost-efficient and durable. It takes away all your worries about frequent renovation and retouches. Now the question arises that how to find good quality paint? The answer is simple yet a bit tricky. Most of the times, the brand of the paint speaks volume about its quality. 

Without further ado, let us dive deep into the question: “Why Choosing Paint from a Reputable Brand is Important”? 

Better Ingredients 

As obvious as it may sound, high-quality paint is made up of good quality ingredients. The constituents of a paint tin include pigment, blinder, liquid and additives. A high-quality paint comes with more volume of solid materials (pigment and blinder). To suffice that, a reputable brand will always prioritize the quality of materials. If you buy acrylic paint from a reputable brand, you will notice that it has more solid material than water. This indicates the quality of paint and the reason why you should always prefer buying paints from reputable brands. 

Rich Colour 

Paints that are made up of good quality materials give a premium finish to the walls. The pigments in the paint are responsible for adding colour. As mentioned above, good quality paint has more solid material i.e., the pigment. With high solid content, the paint dries thicker resulting in a more pronounced colour. Due to the thicker consistency of the paint, it takes lesser coats to achieve the desired colour and finish. This makes the process of painting more efficient as thicker coats are more convenient and can also hide the colour of previous paint (if any). 

No defects 

Do you want to know the disadvantages of low-quality paint? Splattering, chapping, peeling and cracking tops the chart (to name a few). A high-quality paint from a reputable brand are least likely to show signs of any of these defects. 

Better coverage 

It goes without saying that the coverage of high-quality paint is much better than low-quality paint. Unlike their cheaper and sub-standard alternatives, a high-quality can cover up to 16 sq. meters per litre. Cheaper alternatives offer coverage up to 8 sq. meter per litre. 


Reputable brands offer high-quality paints that are durable. They are resistant to peeling and flaking. Not only they can retain their colour better but also, they are long-lasting. They can withstand exposure to harsh weather conditions, humidity and UV light. 


Reputable brands offer paints that are easy to clean. Fingerprints and scuff marks often ruin the finish of the paint over time. Good-quality paint is more resistant to staining. You cannot only wipe over the stains easily but also it will require no hard scrubbing, unlike substandard paints that acquire unremovable marks. 

Not sticky 

Another advantage of buying paint from a reputable brand is the non-stick characteristic of their paints. Once a high-quality paint gets dried, it doesn’t stick, unlike the cheaper ones which make it hard for the door or cabinet to close because of its sticky grip. 


Contrary to popular belief, buying paints from a reputable brand saves you money. While the average cost of the paint tin may be higher than the sub-standard alternatives, other than the one-time costs, paints from reputable brands turn out to be cost-saving over time. How? Because they are long-lasting and you wouldn’t need them twice every year. 

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