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Types of Pipes Mostly Used in Home Construction

Types of Pipes Used in Home Construction

When it comes to house construction, the quality of every component matters. Just like bricks, sand, and cement, pipes are also a crucial component of house construction. In the construction of any building, pipes are used for various purposes. The main purpose of using pipes includes water supply, drainage, and sewerage. In short, pipes are the central piece of the plumbing system of the building. 

What is a plumbing system?

The plumbing system is essential for the water supply in the building. The distribution of several pipes acts as a channel for supplying water and draining the wastage. A plumbing system is well-designed and consists of pipes, faucets, and fixtures. It is highly important to prioritize the quality of the plumbing system of the house because a poor-quality plumbing system can lead to several issues like leakage and contamination of drinking water. This in turn can not only trigger other structural problems but can also result in the spread of diseases.  You can easily Buy Online Plumbing Material at Best Price List 2021.

Popular Pipes 

For prioritizing the quality of the plumbing system of your house, it is significant to know about common types of pipes used in house construction and what are their properties and usage. You can find the Popular Pipes Price list 2021 on Below is a list of popular pipes used in house construction:

UPVC pipes 

UPVC stands for unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride pipe. The composition of UPVC is thermoplastic. Known for its mechanical strength, it is mostly used for water supply purposes. It is quite efficient for the transportation of fluid. UPVCs are fungal-resistant and remain uncontaminated. Due to its smooth interior, it doesn’t allow any fungal growth. It can neither encrust nor undergo fuming. Due to these properties, the fluid transmission through UPVC is tasteless and odorless. 

Another characteristic of UPVC is that it remains unaffected to the concentration of acidic or alkaline concentration. Due to its high corrosion-resistance, UPVCs are also used for sewerage purposes. Owing to its higher level of flexibility, UPVC is more popular than asbestos and cement pipes which are less stress-resistant, comparatively. UPVC has insulating properties. They are self-extinguishing. UPVC Pipes and Fittings Price List in Pakistan

PPRC pipes 

PPRC stands for Polypropylene Random Co-polymer. PPRC pipes are commonly used for indoor water piping systems. It is ideal for both cold and hot water. PPRC is lightweight and smooth. Over time, it has replaced galvanized pipes due to its advantages.

 PPRC pipes are rust-free. This type of pipe is heat-resistant and chemical-resistant. It is calcification-free. Similar to UPVC, it doesn’t affect the quality of the water. It performs fairly high when it comes to welding. PPRC pipe is fire-resistant. 

One of the biggest advantages of PPRC pipes is that they do not contain any carcinogenic substances.  

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HDPE pipes 

HDPE pipes stand for High-density Polyethylene. HDPE pipes are suitable for both fluid and gas transmission. Due to its advantages, HDPE has replaced steel and concrete pipes. Similar to UPVC pipe, it is also made up of thermoplastic material. HDPE pipes are highly impermeable which makes them ideal for use in high-pressure pipelines. Commonly used in water mains and gas mains, HDPE pipes are tough and offer chemical-resistance. They are cost-effective and provide a long-term solution. Their estimated life is up to 50 years. 

HDPE pipes are environmentally stressed cracking resistant (ESCR). They can also transport hazardous waste and compressed gases. This is the reason why they are extensively used in the oil and gas mining industries. Unlike all other pressure pipes, HDPE pipes have the lowest repair frequency per mile. 

Urban gas distribution is one of its common applications. Virtually, HJDPE pipes are leakage-free. They are not only inert but also offer excellent corrosion-resistance which eliminates the need of using costly cathodic protections. Unaffected by bacteria or fungi, these pipes can function in even some of the most aggressive soils. 

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MS pipes 

MS pipe stands for mild steel pipe. MS pipes are made up of low carbon steel. MS pipes are easy and flexible because unlike other steel pipes they do not solidify as they have low carbon content. They are easy to weld into various shapes and sizes to fit into the pipeline system. They have wide applications in the construction, industrial, and engineering industry. 

Just like other types of pipes formerly mentioned, they MS pipes are also used for fluid transportation such as water supply system. Other substances like metal, varnish, or paints are used as a coating in these pipes to prevent corrosion in extreme weather conditions. 

One of the biggest advantages of MS pipes is that they can withstand seismic pressures. Apart from plumbing, these pipes are also used in firefighting and air-conditioning systems. MS pipes have high tensile strength and can last up to 100 years. MS pipes are also known as black pipes. 

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Types of Pipe Fittings in Plumbing System

As we have gone through different types of popular pipes used in the construction industry, let us quickly overview the list of common pipe fittings used in plumbing systems. 

  • Elbow
  • Reducer
  • Tee type
  • Cross-type
  • Coupling
  • Unions
  • Adaptors
  • Olet
  • Plug
  • Cap
  • Valve

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