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What is PVC Flooring and When is it Useful?

PVC Flooring

Choosing the right design and type of flooring for your house is never an easy task. Flooring can impact the aesthetics of your house and can make or break it. With the right kind of flooring, you can instantly spruce up the visuals of any place.

Above all, flooring can also affect the functionality of your house and also real-estate value. This is why choosing the right type of flooring is necessary. There is a myriad of options avail PVC flooring. Also, You can Check The PVC Pipes Prices.

What is PVC Flooring? 

PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride. PVC floors are also commonly known as vinyl floors. A few terms are used interchangeably, such as vinyl composition tile flooring and luxury vinyl flooring. More or less, all of these terms mean the same thing, but there are a few differences. To steer clear of the confusion, let’s dive deep into the subject. 

Benefits of PVC flooring 

  • Moisture-Resistant – Suitable for bathrooms and kitchens 
  • Low maintenance – PVC floors are easy to clean, and all it takes is just a wipe. 
  • High-durability – Unlike many other flooring options, PVC floors are very resilient. Carpets are stained and ripped, wooden floors are wrapped due to moisture, and ceramic tiles chip and crack, but PVC floors do not easily damage. They are also not easily affected by a heavyweight. They can last a long time and are also suitable for garages. 
  • Stain-resistant & Scratch-resistant – PVC floors can withstand spillage. It doesn’t get damp with water, oil, or grease. They don’t quickly get stained. They are also dent-free. 
  • Seamless texture for walking – PVC flooring has an anti-slip finish. They are comfortable to walk on. This type of flooring provides a soft and warm underfoot. They are also suitable for bathrooms.  
  • Better acoustics than ceramic floors – It is ideal for sound absorption. PVC flooring is suitable for hospitals as well. 
  • Easy to install – It is pretty easy to assemble PVC flooring because it comes in interlocking structures. All it takes to install the floor is to piece together each tile. It only requires a tap of a rubber mallet for installation. 
  • Thin PVC tiles are easy to relocate for renovation. Just like installation, they are pretty convenient for removal as well.  

Types of PVC flooring 

There are two types of PVC flooring: 

Vinyl composition tile flooring (VCT) 

This type of vinyl flooring is the oldest and most common one. Vinyl sheets are used in this particular type of vinyl flooring. 

Luxury vinyl flooring (LVT)

LVT is the modern version of the traditional vinyl flooring. LVT offers superior durability and comes in a variety of impeccable designs that look similar to wood, ceramic, marble, and stone floors. LVT flooring is a cheaper alternative to some of the most expensive kinds of floors. 

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