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Grade 60:

Amreli Steels bars are the strongest rebar available in Pakistan. It is an ace of modern construction and is commonly used in the reaction of hi-rise construction and mega structures. The imposing skylines of megacities like Dubai, Singapore, Kuala-Lumpur, and Bangkok bear testimony to the popularity of 500 MPa bars. Amreli Steels was the first brand to introduce G-500W in the Pakistani market which is based on British Standard BS 4449:2005+A3:2016. All bars are cut in standard sizes of 12-16 meters. Following are some key attributes of Amreli Steels G-500W Steel bars

  • Strength: 72,500 PSI
  • Benefit: Up to 15% Consumption Saving as
  • Compared to ASTM 615 Grade 60 Bars*
  • Usage: Safely Weldable
  • Benefit: Earthquake Resistant**
  • Standard: Revised British Standard 2016
  • Type of Steel: G500 = British Standard, W = Weldable

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Amreli Steels

5 reviews for Amreli 60-Grade Steel Bar
  1. Danish Ali

    “Exceptional quality! This steel surpassed my expectations in terms of strength and durability. Perfect for my construction needs.”

  2. Muhammad Sajjan

    Versatility and sustainable is outstanding, also is reasonable

  3. Muhammad Sajjan

    Versatility and sustainable is outstanding,

  4. Talha haroon

    Impressed with the versatility of this steel product. Whether used in construction or fabrication, its high-quality composition ensures consistent performance.

  5. Hira awan

    Recommended for both residential and commercial construcion.

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