7/.029 (250/440V)


Weight 3.58 kg
Dimensions 90 m

7/.029 1-Core Cu/PVC (250/440V) Coil.

7/.029 is the wire that is used as main wires of each room separately where 7 indicates number of copper conductors inside the insulation and .029 indicates diameter in inches of each conductor. A single 7/.029 wire connects respective room with the main DB (Distribution box) hence carrying all load of that particular room excluding air conditioner or any other high current appliance/device that is wired completely separately.

  • For Lighting and Domestic use, General Wiring Cable are manufactured based on copper conductor in stranded/ solid/ flexible from confirming to BSS 2004.
  • Length: 90 meter coil
  • CU/PVC 250/440V
  • 99.99% Pure copper Wire
  • High Quality
  • The price is per coil.

Black, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow


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