10 Marla house Construction cost in Pakistan 2021

construction cost of 10 Marla house in Pakistan

What is the construction cost of 10 Marla house in Pakistan?

When it comes to constructing a house, budgeting is the foremost priority. Getting a house constructed on budget is quite stressful. At, times sudden expenses arise. If you are planning to construct a 10-marla A-category house then you must be roughly estimating the cost of construction. You have landed on the right page because we are here to help you with your calculation. also presents house construction calculator which provides you with the estimation of construction cost in Pakistan.

Let us dive-deep into the question now what is the construction cost of 10 Marla house in Pakistan?

  • Covered area of 10 Marla house 

Before we talk about any figures, it is important to know what the covered area of a 10 Marla house?

The covered area of a double-storey 10 Marla house is approximately 3400 sq. ft.

Usually, the ground floor covers 1700 sq. ft. area while the upper storey covers an area around 1600 sq. ft.

A Step-by-Step Guide to the Home Construction process:

The construction of a 10 Marla house is divided into two main parts.

  1. One is building the grey structure.
  2. The second one is finishing of the house.
  • Floor plan for 10 Marla house 

Consider that a double-storey 10 Marla house has 5 bedrooms with attached washrooms in total. One drawing/dining room, two kitchens, two living rooms (one in each floor) are also included in the floor plan.

  • A-category 10 Marla house construction

A-category house is the one that has all the aesthetic and architectural design elements considered while constructing grey structure and finishing the house. Mostly, modern homes with all the aesthetic elements and accessories are usually considered as A- category. The house construction cost which we are about to consider is A-category house with floor tiling and marble-staircase and kitchen countertops.

Grey Structure of  Construction Material used in 10 Marla House 

Construction Cost of 10 Marla house

                                                                                                  Estimated Construction Cost of 10 Marla House 2021


To build the grey structure of the house the necessary construction material will include bricks, sand, cement, wiring, rebar, gravel and kassu. Estimating material costs is quite complicated. The cost of any given material fluctuates with the passage of time. It highly depends upon the current market demand and supply, the required quantity and even the costs of transporting construction materials to the site. 

  • How does Labor Costs in 2021

The rate of labor cost is calculated per sq. ft. In 2021, you can hire labors at the rate of PKR 395 per sq. ft. You can calculate the amount of total labor cost by multiplying labor cost per sq. ft. with the total sq. ft. area of the house.

For a 10 Marla house, the total labor cost will be 395(per sq. ft.) *3300 (per sq. ft.) = PKR 1,303,500.

  • Estimated Cost Calculator of Construction Materials

To correctly calculate the grey structure construction cost of 10 Marla house, exact quantity of the construction material should be estimated.

  • How much Bricks required for 10 Marla house 

For a double-story 10 Marla house, approximately 90,000 bricks are required. The current market per brick rate (as of January 2021) of Awwal brick is PKR 11.50. The total cost of bricks for a 10 Marla house will be 90,000 bricks * 11.50= PKR 1,035,000.  

  • Sand required for 10 Marla House

Approximately 8300 c. ft. of sand is required for the construction of double-story 10 Marla house. There are two types of sands usually used in construction. One is Ravi sand and the other one is Chenab sand. The rate of Ravi sand is PKR 19. The rate of Chenab sand is PKR 35. According to estimates, you will require 7000 c. ft. of Ravi sand and 1300 c. ft. of Chenab sand. As per calculation, the total cost of Ravi sand will be 7000*19= PKR 133,000. The total cost of Chenab sand will be 1200*35 = PKR 42000.

  • Kassu used in 10 Marla house Cost will be 

Kassu is made up of mud and sand. It used to fill the base of an empty plot. The foundation of a 10 Marla house will require up to PKR 85,000 worth of Kassu.

  • Cement per bag for 10 Marla house 

The construction of double-storey 10 Marla house will require 800 cement bags. One bag of cement costs around PKR 595 on average (as of January 2021). The estimated cost of cement would be around PKR 476,000.

  • Uses of Rebar in Construction 

This construction material is used for providing durability and strength to the building structure. For the grey structure construction of 10 Marla house, 5 tons of 60 grade rebar will be used. The current rate of rebar per ton is around PKR 120. The total cost of rebar used in grey structure of 10 Marla house will be PKR 600,000.

  • Plumbing and wiring of a 10 Marla House Construction 

Setting up a proper drainage system is required for all washrooms. Similarly, to run electrical appliance proper wiring of unit is also required. The estimated budget for the plumbing and wiring of a 10 Marla house is PKR 290,000. Internal wiring will cost around PKR 120,000. It is important to note that this estimated cost is exclusive of the labor costs for plumbing and wiring.

  • Door Frames

Chougat steel is used to build the door frames. Around PKR 80,000 is required to build steel door frames of a 10 Marla house.

  • Gate Cost will be for 10 Marla House 

The main gate will cost around PKR 800per sq. ft. For a 10 Marla house, this will cost around PKR 100,000.

  • Safety grills 

To make the house safe and secure, it is required to install safety grills. This compulsory component of house safety will cost approximately PKR 105,500.

  • Miscellaneous costs of 10 Marla double storay house 

Additionally termite control treatment will also be required. A termite control treatment can cost around 30 thousand.

Total cost of grey structure construction of 10 Marla double-storey house: PKR 4,653,100lacs.

                                                                 Finishing Material Cost of 10 Marla House in 2021 


                                                                                         The Estimated Cost of Finishing Material of 10 Marla House



  • Tiles rate per sq.meter for House Construction 

Around 280 master tiles are required for the floor of the house. This will exclude terrace, washrooms and garage. The rate is PKR 2100 per sq. meter. The total tiling cost for the floors will be PKR 580,000.

For terrace, 22 master tiles are required costing around PKR 1,500 per sq. meter. 55 tiles will be required for the garage at the rate of PKR 1,500 per sq. meter. Approximately the tiling of both terrace and garage will cost PKR 115,000. Additionally the labor for cutting and fitting tiles will cost PKR 220,000.

Total cost of tiling= PKR 895,000

  • Today Marble Rate

For finishing of staircase, the marble will cost PKR 100,000. For kitchen counters and shelves PKR 31,500will be required.

Total cost of marble = PKR 125,000

  • Switch boards Today Latest Rate 

25 OPAL switch boards and push buttons are required. The rate of one is PKR 900. The total cost of switchboards will be PKR 22,500.

  • Power Plugs Stock Price 

23 power plugs and sockets are required. Each costs around PKR 500. The total cost will be around PKR 11,500.

  • Lights/lamps/chandeliers

The total cost of these will be around PKR 173,250.

  • GFC Fans Cost Today

According to estimates, 14 fans will be required. One GFC fan costs 5,750. The total cost of fans will be PKR 80,500.

  • Exhaust Fans for Double Storay Home

A total of 7 exhaust fans will be required for a double storey 10 Marla house; Five for the washroom and two for the kitchen. One exhaust fan costs around PKR 2650. This makes a total of PKR 18,550.

The electrician will charge around PKR 25,000 to 26,250.

Total cost for electric components = PKR 380,000.

  • Labor Cost

The electrician will charge around PKR 25,000 to 30,000.

Total cost for electric components = PKR 380,000.

  • Kitchen and Bath accessories estimated cost for 10 Marla house 

The most important part of finishing any house is installing kitchen and bath accessories. This gives the final touch.

The kitchen accessories including kitchen hood and sink for both kitchens in a double storey 10 Marla house is required. Two kitchen hoods will cost around PKR 50,000 each. Two kitchen sinks will cost around PKR 15,000 each. The entire kitchen accessories will cost around PKR 130,000.

The washroom accessories will include bath hangings, porta commodes and bath sets. Since there will be 5 washrooms in a double storey 10 Marla house, 5 bath hangings will be required. It will cost around PKR 25,000, making up to PKR 5,000 each. A single porta commode will cost around PKR 15,000 hence making the total cost of commodes PKR 75,000. Similarly, a single vanity set costs around PKR 9,000. The total cost for 5 vanity sets will be 45,000. You will also require 5 complete bath sets that will cost PKR 20,000 each.  Additionally, the labor cost for fitting will be between PKR 20,000 TO PKR 30,000.

This will make the total cost of both bath and kitchen accessories up to PKR 400,000.

  • Painting and Ceiling Today Estimated Cost 

No house is complete without paint. Painting gives the final look to the house. Once the switch board and light fixtures are installed, the next step is painting. The first step in painting is applying a base coat. After a base coat, more layers of paint are applied to create a finished look. The cost of painting not only includes the prices of painting materials but also the labor costs of the professional painter. The labor cost for painting a 10 Marla double storey house will be around PKR 784,500. 

For exterior you can opt for both rockwall or marble chips. First the wall is cleaned and it gets plastered. After that, white sand and acrylic is used for applying a base coat. The base coat is very significant in the entire process as it provides strength to the wall. The total cost of base coat for a 10 Marla house will be around PKR 60,000.

False ceiling is quite popular as well. If we opt for a false ceiling then the rate of false ceiling is around PKR 75 per sq. ft. For a 10 Marla unit, this will cost around PKR 217,500.

The estimated cost of the entire painting and ceiling will be around PKR 784,500.

  • Windows and Mirrors  Today cost 

For windows glass and aluminum is required. Both of these together will cost up to 340,000.Additionally to install a staircase railing you will have to spare PKR 419,000.

  • Woodwork Uses in House Construction 

Quality woodwork can add value to any house. It is not only aesthetically pleasing but also is highly functional in terms of practicality. It is ideal to get all the woodwork done while the house is still under construction. This will save you any additional costs incurred later on. The most important point of consideration is that you should make sure to use quality wood.  Built-in cupboards and kitchen cabinets together constitute the woodwork of the house. Mostly semi-solid plywood is used for woodwork in houses. Wardrobe, assorted fitting and other woodwork of the house will cost around PKR 900,250 If you also want to have an LCD rack then it will cost you an additional PKR 40,000 to 55,000. 

Total finishing cost of 10 Marla double-storey house = PKR 4,194,200 lacs.

As we have analyzed each and every component of construction cost, the total cost of construction of a double storey 10 Marla house will be around PKR 8,847,300 lacs. has an answer to all your construction needs. You can check all the relevant information about construction including Daily Prices of Construction Material in Pakistan. With the House Construction Cost Calculator, now you can easily estimate your budget. is offering digital payment solutions for the Online Buying of Construction Materials: ensures that it provides high-end construction materials with unmatched quality. The construction materials enlisted on our platform have the best base materials, prepared from the most precise methods. The companies enlisted on our platform assert a high-capacity of manufacturing. We ensure that each enlisted company has a standard compliance certificate that verifies the quality, quantity, and specifications of their construction materials. 

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