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All You Need to Know About Cement in Pakistan

Best cement manufacturing companies in Pakistan 2021.

         The most important Construction Material— cement is a chemical substance that binds together other building materials. In simpler terms, cement is the “binding force” of any building structure. Cement is widely used in the construction industry. According to research, cement production will reach up 4.9 billion metric tons by the year 2030. The world is bind together with cement. Sounds like an exaggeration? Consider how many building structures you can think of that all have cement as a component? Road, bridges, harbors, buildings, houses, and any other structure you can think of has cement as a constituent. As a cover between aggregates and reinforcing materials, cement comes in various types. Each type has unique properties, composition, and usage.

Types of cement used in Construction Material:

Cement has two main categories. These two categories of cement have further sub-divisions. Following are the two main categories along with their sub-categories of cement:


What is Hydraulic Cement and How is it Used?

Hydraulic cement is the most common type of cement. Hydraulic cement is a mixture of silicates and oxides. This type of cement hardens when it comes in contact with water. The hardening of cement is a result of a chemical reaction that takes place between water and cement, known as hydration. This type of cement can harden even in the absence of air. Once the hydraulic cement is hardened, it becomes water-resistant.

Following are the different types of hydraulic cement used in the construction industry:


  • Blast furnace cement

      Also known as slag cement, this type of hydraulic cement is quite cheaper. It is mostly used as an alternative to sulfate-resistant and low-heat cement. This cement is mostly used in seawater construction.


  • Portland and Fly ash cement

      This type of hydraulic cement is one of the best qualities of cement available in Pakistan.


  • Portland pozzolana cement

       This cement is used as a substitute for concrete materials.


  • Portland silica fume cement

     This type of cement is well-known for its high binding properties. It is used to enhance the strength, abrasion, and resistance of building structures.


  • Masonry cement

     This type of cement is quite common in its application. It is used as a sealant. It is widely used in water-resistant structures. As the name suggests, it is ideal for masonry work.


  • Expansive cement

     Expansive cement is known as an expanding agent and a natural stabilizer. It is used in the formation of large slabs without any contraction joints.


  • White cement

      White cement is expensive as compared to grey cement. It is used as a bonding agent. It is used for joining tiles and interior work.


What is Non-hydraulic cement?


Following are the different types of non-hydraulic cement used in the construction industry:

  • Pozzolan lime cement

Pozzolan lime cement has extremely high strength. It has been used in some of the historical products such as the pantheon in Rome.

  • Slag lime cement

This type of cement is similar to Pozzolan lime cement. However, it has a different composition. It is made of granulated glass furnace slag and activated by alkaline.

  • Calcium aluminate cement

Calcium aluminate cement is known for its insulating properties. It is used in furnace linings. It is also known as high alumina cement.

Best cement manufacturing companies in Pakistan 2021.

As we went through various cement types available in Pakistan, let us go through the cement manufacturing companies in Pakistan. These cement companies have a good repute in the construction industry and are known for their high durability.

  1. Flying Cement Limited.
  2. Bestway Cement  Limited.
  3. DG Cement
  4. Fauji Cement
  5. Lucky Cement
  6. Maple Leaf Cement
  7. Power Cement
  8. Askari Cement Limited.
  9. Attock Cement Limited.
  10. Cherat Cement Limited.
  11. Dandot Cement Company Limited.
  12. Dewan Cement Limited.
  13. Fecto Cement Limited.
  14. Gharibwal Cement Limited.
  15. Javedan Cement Limited.
  16. Javedan Corporation Limited.
  17. Kohat Cement Limited.
  18. Pakcem Limited.
  19. Pioneer Cement Limited.
  20. Safe Mix Limited.
  21. Thatta Cement Company Limited.
  22. Zeal Pak Cement Factory Limited.

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