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Carbon vs Alloy Steel : Weight, Strength and Usage.

Carbon steel vs Alloy steel which is better

Anyone familiar with the construction industry will know the importance of steel in the construction industry. Steel is one of the basic construction materials. It provides strength and durability to the building structure. Steel is an alloy of iron and other elements. The main element of steel is carbon. 

Major types of steel used in construction Material: 

Manufacturers produce various types of steel. Each type differs from the other based on alloy quality, different elements, and the production process. There are two main categories of steel that are widely used in the construction industry. One is carbon steel, and the other one is alloy steel. As the name suggests, carbon steel has high carbon content, while on the other hand, alloy steel has other added elements. Let us go through the major differences between carbon steel and alloy steel. Today widely used steel in Pakistan.

Carbon Steel

In simpler terms, carbon steel is made up of carbon and iron. The percentage of carbon varies according to the quality of steel. If the percentage of carbon is high, the steel will be more strong but brittle. There are four variations of carbon steel, which are as follows:

  • Low carbon steel 

The carbon content in low carbon steel is from 0.5% to 0.25%. The manganese content in low carbon steel is up to 0.4%. Low carbon steel is used in gates, decorative in-works and railings, and simple mechanical systems. Wrought iron is an example of low carbon steel. Low carbon steel is the most common variation, and it also comes quite cheap. It is easy to work with and welds easily. 

  • Medium carbon steel 

The carbon content in medium carbon steel is from 0.29% to 1.54%. The manganese content in medium carbon steel is up to 1.65%. Medium carbon steel is more strong and resistant. However, it is not easy to weld, mold, or cut it. 

  • High carbon steel 

The carbon content in high carbon steel is from 0.55% to 0.95%. It has a manganese content of up to 0.90%. High carbon steel is used for specialized purposes. This variation of carbon steel is extreme and used in wires and springs. This variation of carbon steel is also used in making knives. 

  • Ultra-high carbon steel 

The carbon content in this variation is up to 2%. Ultra-high carbon steel is not malleable. Cast iron is an example of ultra-high carbon steel. It is tough and brittle. 

You can find the most common carbon steel application in bridges, structural frameworks, and highway construction. 

Alloy steel 

Alloy steel is made up of iron, carbon, and one or more alloys. Like carbon steel, it also comes in different variations depending upon the type of alloy present in it. However, there are two types of alloy steel: high alloy steel and low alloy steel. High alloy steel has more than 8% of alloy present, whereas low alloy steel has less than 8% of alloy present. Some of the common alloy elements used is as following:

  • Manganese 
  • Chromium  
  • Molybdenum
  • Vanadium 
  • Nickel 

Alloy steel is more hard, durable, and resistant as compared to carbon steel. In the construction industry, alloy steel is used in large building structures such as airports, bridges, skyscrapers, and stadiums. The strength of alloy steel is evident from the fact that even concrete structures are supported by alloy steel to reduce the structure’s overall weight. Smaller items such as screws, bolts, and nuts used in construction are also made of alloy steel. Alloy steel cannot easily weld. It is hard to work with. Other applications of alloy steel include flat products, coil products, steel flanges, and pipe products. 


Carbon steel is relatively inexpensive and easily workable. On the other hand, alloy steel is costly and not easily workable. 

Best Steel Manufacturing Companies in Pakistan : 

As we have gone through the two main types of steel, the question arises that which companies offer the most durable and high-strength steel? To cut short your struggle to find the best one, here are is a list of the 9 Best Steel Manufacturing Companies in Pakistan:

  • Mughal Steel 
  • Ittefaq Steel 
  • FF Steel 
  • Kamran Steel 
  • Al-Haj Asia Star Steel 
  • MS Steel 
  • Amreli Steel
  • Agha Steel
  • Aisha Steel

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