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Best Construction companies in Pakistan

Best Construction company in Lahore is Pakistan’s 1st Online Marketplace for Construction and Finishing Materials. It is the largest shopping site for Cement, Steel, Bricks, Electricals, Paint, and much more.. It has the vision to provide its customer with the best prices which will be guaranteed lower than the market and collaborating with the best construction companies all over Pakistan.

Some of the Following Cement companies are:

  • Flying Cement
  • Maple Leaf Cement
  • DG Cement
  • Fauji Cement

Flying Cement:

It has come to the collaboration with recently and providing its services to its customer through the Zarea portal.  For best construction service in Lahore we recommend,  Flying Cement Company Limited formerly known as Zaman Cement Company Limited was incorporated in December 1992 as a public limited company. The factory is located in the heart of Punjab Province, the company has a single kiln having an installed capacity of 2000 tons per day of cement using the latest dry process technology and a rated capacity of 600,000 metric tons of cement per annum.

Sr# Standard Code
1 Pakistan Standard PS:232:2008 (R) 43 Grade
2 Pakistan Standard PS:5313: 2014 (R) CEM I 42,5 N
3 European Standard EN:197-1:2011 CEM I 42,5 N
4 Indian Standard IS:269:2015 43 Grade

Flying Cement Share Prices:

2020 2019 2018 2017
Sales 1,079,508 3,271,375 2,910,361 2,470,225
Profit after Taxation (530,720) 142,362 181,508 161,257
EPS (3.02) 0.81 1.03 0.92

Maple leaf cement:

            53 grade cement company has joined hands with the as well to provide its material all over the Pakistan through an easy accessible portal. Leaf has taken its green color from Pakistan. It includes an international standard product designed to detour difficult market conditions in Pakistan. The Factory has the vision to achieve and remain a highly developed, profitable Company in Pakistan in terms of industry standards and stakeholder interests. This factory is located in Punjab, surrounded by excellent quality materials like limestone, clay and sand. Today with a production capacity of 12,000 tons / day, the company stand as the largest cement producer in Pakistan.

Core Values

Maple Leaf Cement is committed to being an independent and responsible member of the business communities in which it operates. The Company is always striving to ensure that the highest honesty, integrity and ethics are maintained.

Cross Functional

Cross-working groups often act as self-governing groups to achieve the same goals

Integrated Wisdom

By sharing knowledge, new ideas, experience and expertise of individuals and others to achieve common goals

The Process of Thinking

Ideas from out of the box


The ability to understand and share the feelings of others. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes


Adhere to ethical and ethical principles; moral strength and integrity

DG Cement:

It has signed a contract with Its vision of transforming the Company into a modern and dynamic cementing company with highly trained and fully equipped professionals to play a significant role in the economic benefits of Pakistan. Cement is one of those materials used in all situations. From houses to offices, from new construction to renovation, from villages to cities, from infrastructure to development projects, cement is needed. Cement is one of the key elements in the construction industry. It reflects the economic development of the economy.

Cement Cost in Pakistan is very efficient and effective. There are various players in this industry. It can be called a tough industry to compete with many players. The Pakistan Cement industry is highly divided into two parts of the North and South. The North contains Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhawa, Gilgit Baltistan, Azad Kashmir, FATA and PATA and the South contains Sindh and Baluchistan.

DG cement has a strong and deep network of retailers across the country. Customers are loyal to DG. More than 2,200 vendors are being distributed throughout Pakistan to supply our worldwide approved product with has a unique feature of remote access by its vendors.

DG cement has a strong product presence. Becasue the Company’s products have a good heart in the market due to strict adherence to quality, quality assurance, renewal and timely delivery. So more than 90% of the Company’s sales are on a prepaid basis.

Fauji Cement:

            Fauji Cement Company is one of the leading producers of various high quality cement including standard Portland cement and other special cement (s) in Pakistan. It is equally well known in traditional construction and mega projects. Its distinctive feature is the quality, consistency, reliability and high strength that are so important in any construction industry.

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