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Paints Price in Pakistan

The Difference between Interior and Exterior Paints

Paints are not only a protective layer that preserves the walls of the building from wear and tear but also the main component that can spruce up the aesthetics of any building. There are various types of paints available in the market. Each paint type is distinct from the other one based on its properties and purpose.

What is Paint made up of? 

Paints are made up of the following components: 

  • Pigment: This component gives color to the paint.  
  • Resins: Resin binds the pigment to the surface. It is usually made of silicone, acrylic, or epoxy. 
  • Solvent: This component makes the paint wet and evaporates when the paint is dried. 
  • Additives: Additives give different properties to paint such as easy-application, mildew resistance, stain-resistant, etc.  

Two of the common types of paints that you will come across during home construction are interior and exterior paint. As the name suggests, interior paints are used for the interior area of a house while exterior ones are used for the exterior. But the distinction is not based on simplistic reasons such as this. Both these types of paints have their unique set of chemistry. In this article, we are going to take a look at how interior and exterior paints differentiate from each other? 

Latex paints vs. Oil-based paints 

Based on the composition the most common kind of paints is latex paint and oil-based paint. Water is used as a solvent in latex paint while mineral-spirits are used as a solvent in oil-based paints. 

Oil-based paints were a popular choice for exterior because of their durable properties however recently, they have been declared potentially harmful for the environment. Latex paints (also known as water-based paints are more ubiquitous. It also has lesser drying time and little to no odor as compared to oil-based paints. 

Similarities b/w interior paints and exterior paints 

Both interior and exterior paints are formulated to well-adapt the specific areas of the building for which they are used. Interior paints allow easy cleaning, stain-resistant, and allows scrubbing. On the other hand, exterior paints are formulated to combat external environmental factors that can lead to fading and mildew.

The solvents and pigments of both interior and exterior paints are usually similar in composition. Both oil-based and latex paints can be used as exterior paints whereas oil-based paints are usually not recommended to use as interior paint due to their bad odor and difficulty to clean. 

Differences b/w interior paints and exterior paints 

Resins are the main components of paints that differentiate an interior paint from an exterior one. Resins used for exterior paints are much softer. Soft resin can withstand external environmental conditions like temperature and moisture. It prevents peeling, fading, and chipping, making the exterior paint tougher. 

In the case of interior paints, the resins are much more rigid, cutting down scuffing and smearing. 

Exterior paints contain more pigments as compared to interior paints. 

Why Choosing the Right Paint is Important? 

The type of resins used in exterior paints causes outgassing (releasing of gas or vapor). Outgassing is an on-going process that takes place in small amounts over the years but usually lasts 48 hours. This is the main reason why you avoid using exterior paints for the interior. 

Comparatively, interior paints are not at potential risk of outgassing. They are more safe and delicate. However, as a standard safety practice, use proper ventilation while painting indoors. 

Both interior and exterior paints are quite versatile. They cannot be used interchangeably and experts always recommend the right usage of both types of paints for best results. 

Best Paints in Pakistan

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