Maple Leaf White Cement


  • Per 50 Kg Bag
  • Free Delivery on 400 Bags or more




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  • Used for prestige construction projects and decorative works.
  • Used for colored concrete with the use of inorganic pigments to produce brightly colored concretes and mortars.
  • Due to its whiteness, it finds its application in architectural beauty, interior and exterior decorations, flooring, ornamental concrete products such as idols while grey cement is mostly used for construction purposes.
  • Used inroads due to the property of high effectiveness to add visibility to highway medians.
  • White cement is also used in a high amount for manufacturing precast members. Beautiful precast members are made utilizing the white Portland cement.
  • They are also used widely for making cast stones of an appealing appearance.
  • White cement is comparatively a costly cement type and is, therefore, used only selectively.
  • The price is 1 bag that weighs 40 kg.




Maple Leaf Cement

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