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Ordinary cement

Ordinary Portland cement vs. Sulphate Resistant Cement 

Pakistan is one of Asia’s rapidly urbanizing countries. According to studies, half of the Pakistani population will live in cities by the year 2030. Pakistan’s cement industry plays an integral role in the economy and development of any country. Cement is not only the most important material in construction but it also ensures the durability and strength of the entire building structure. There are a total of 24 cement plants in Pakistan. Pakistan is the 14th largest manufacturer of cement in the world. There are various types of cement that are used in the construction industry for different purposes. Today, we are going to look into two distinct types of cement. One is Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) and the other one is Sulphate Resistant Cement (SRC). Both types of cement have unique properties and different applications.

Ordinary Portland cement (OPC)

Ordinary portland cement is made up of clinker and gypsum. The percentage of clinker is about 95%. Gypsum makes up only 5% of OPC. OPC is produced by grinding both of these elements. The grading of OPC is based on its compressive strength. Every grade represents minimum compression strength which the cement will acquire after 28 days once it gets settled. The compression strength of OPC is measured in MPA or N/mm2. In 28 days, the minimum compression strength is 43MPa of OPC 43 grade. In the case of 53-grade cement 53 MPa of strength is gained over the same period of time. The 53-grade cement is used in construction projects which are fast and where initial strength needs to be abrupt. Unlike 43 grade cement, the 53-grade cement sets fast. The minimum strength of 27 MPa is attained by 53-grade cement in three days. Comparatively, 23 MPa is attained by 43-grade cement in the same duration.


53 Grade cement is used for the following purposes:

  •         High strength pre-cast
  •         Pre-stressed concrete
  •         Concrete of higher grades

Apart from these, it is used in all such structures which require a higher level of initial strength. On the other hand, 43-grade cement is used for masonry purposes and plastering. Unlike 53 Grade OPC, it is used in non-RCC structures, including pathways. The application of 43 Grade cement entails in all such purposes where initial strength is not the foremost one.

Which companies offer OPC in Pakistan?

Following is the list of cement companies which offer OPC:

  •         Lucky Cement
  •         Bestway Cement
  •         Power Cement
  •         Attock Cement
  •         Falcon Cement
  •         DG cement
  •         Pioneer Cement
  •         Askari Cement
  •         Bestway cement
  •         Fauji Cement
  •         Flying cement
  •         Kohat cement
  •         Maple leaf cement
  •         Dewan cement
  •         Thatta cement
  •         Cherat cement
  •         Fecto cement

Sulphate Resistant Cement (SRC)

Another type of Portland cement is SRC. SRC is constituted of Tri-calcium aluminate which is less than 5% present while 2 C3A+C4AF is also lower than 25%. The most common application of SRC is structural concrete. Under severe conditions, SRC proves to be beneficial especially where the concrete structure is at the risk of deteriorating possibly because of sulphate attack. The application of SRC also includes foundations, basements, piles and underground structures. Apart from these, SRC is used in sewage and water treatment plants. Chemical fertilizers, petrochemical factories, food processing units and coastal works also include the usage of SRC. Structural concrete is vulnerable to sulphate attack both due to internal and external environment. In such environments where the risk of sulphate attack is high, OPC isn’t beneficial because it can possibly result in crack and loss of strength which will undermine the structure completely.

 Which companies offer SRC in Pakistan?

Following companies offer SRC in Pakistan:

  •         Askari Cement
  •         Attock Cement
  •         DG Cement
  •         Fauji Cement
  •         Lucky Cement
  •         Maple Leaf Cement
  •         Pioneer Cement
  •         Power Cement

Some of the compliance certifications of cement include:

PS 232:2008 (R) 53 Grade

EN 197-1:2011 CEM I 42,5 N

PS 5313: 2014 (R) CEM I 42,5 N

EN 197-1:2011 CEM I 52,5 N

PS 5313: 2014 (R) CEM I 52,5 N

IS 269:2015 53 Grade

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