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Using The Right Cement For Your Home

Using The Right Cement For Your Home

Instead of focusing on the most important aspects of house construction we spend more time and effort, and money on the aesthetics and architecture of your home. In our view, the structure of a house is most important and should be built with the highest quality products because all of the other things revolve around it.

Using The Right Cement For Your Home. Cement is one of the major ingredients that is being used in multiple ways. From the concrete in the foundation to the mortar between bricks, cement plays an integral role in home construction. So, you should ensure that your contractor uses the best material from the best companies like Flying Cement, DG Cement, or Bestway. Buying the best cement is not enough making sure it is being used rightly in the right quantities is equally important.

Ordinary Cement Vs Sulphate-Resistant Cement:

Almost all of the companies offer a wide range of cement types. The two common categories used most often are Ordinary cement and sulfate-resistant cement. In the majority of the cases, ordinary cement works best, especially in dry, non-saline climates. It is used all over the structure in various mixtures and consistencies.

However, if you live in a coastal area or somewhere with saline soil, then sulfate resistant cement should be used, at least in the foundation. That will prevent the steel in the structure from corrosion. In addition, sulfate resistant cement also has a high resistance to the contraction in alternating wet and dry conditions. But, it should not be used for marine construction.

Getting The Right Mix For Mortar and Concrete:

Cement is used in a mixture of other materials like sand, water, and gravel to get the right consistency and material for the various requirements of home construction. Mortar is made by mixing cement, water, and sand to the needed consistency.

Ensure that your contractor uses mortar that is not too watery, but not too sandy either so that the structure stands sturdy and smooth. When it comes to concrete, use top-notch cement by companies such as flying Cement or DG Cement or Bestway, mixed with gravel, sand, and water. Mixing these together in the right proportions and method will result in strong concrete that will harden properly.

Cure Any Kind Of Cement Properly:

Curing cement, or rather concrete, refers to keeping it at the appropriate temperature and moisture levels once it has been poured and set. This is why it is preferable to build homes in warm, sunny weather so that the temperature is maintained to optimal levels and drying takes place efficiently.

To keep the moisture levels constant, water is used over and over on the structure to cure the concrete. It usually sets within 24-48 hours, but curing requires at least 7 days, for a structure that’s as much as 50 % stronger than one with uncured cement.

So, get the perfect cement for your perfect home from top companies and you’ll have a structure that will stay intact and strong for ages to come! Below are the top five companies in cement ranked according to our study

1- Flying Cement

2- DG Cement

3- Bestway Cement

4- Maple Leaf Cement

5- Lucky Cement

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Bestway Cement OPC

 615.00  610.00

Fauji Cement OPC

 610.00  600.00

Flying Cement OPC (Punjab & KPK)

 600.00  570.00

Lucky Cement OPC

 605.00  595.00

Maple Leaf Cement OPC

 630.00  620.00

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