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Types of Glass in Interior Design

Types of Glass in Interior Design

Glass is a common construction material widely used in modern buildings, homes, and offices. There are different types of glass available in Pakistan. Some of these types have amazing properties that may well meet certain requirements, such as the ability to block noise and sound. In this blog, we will take a closer look at the different types of glass used in interior design. But first, let us quickly go through its benefits:

 Benefits of using glass in interior design

Glass has been used for decoration for centuries due to its transparent and shiny surface. Glass adds a sense of luxury and abundance. Interior designers believe that glass is a magical material that can be shaped in many ways to achieve perfect results. For your convenience, we have selected several types of glass that can be used for interior decoration.

  • Spandrel glass
  • Blown glass
  • Textured glass
  • Stained glass
  • Reflective glass
  • Soundproof glass

 Spandrel glass

Spandrel glass is used to camouflage kitchen walls with anything that obstructs the natural flow of the pattern and does not look attractive, such as pillars, walls, etc. It comes in various colors and can be integrated with other interior decorations. Spandrel glass creates a neat, uniform appearance. It is called slim because it has a high degree of ductility as it can bend easily between the bends of the column and present a beautiful appearance. Five times stronger than annealed or regular glass, spandrels are also used on kitchen walls to hide cabinets.

Blown glass

Blown glass is  a beautiful decorative glass prepared from a technique that involves blowing a blowpipe onto the molten glass to form bubbles in the glass. This creates an artistic decoration when molded. One of the most popular examples of blown glass is the ceiling in the Bellagio (Las Vegas hotel) lobby. Glass blowing master Dale Chihuly created a colorful blown glass ceiling made of 2000 pieces in 1998. 

Textured glass

Textured glass is a glass with an etched surface used for decoration. It is one of the most decorative and textured types of glass. In addition to being decorative, it has many uses. The textured glass surface has an embossed pattern. It is mainly used as a room divider, shower screen and decorates your living space. The textured glass will block the view but not affect its light transmittance, which means light can pass through the glass. This category includes frosted glass, patterned glass, and decorative glass. There are many textured glasses available in Pakistan to choose from.

Tinted glass

Tinted glass is best used to block sunlight from entering your home. Tinted glass is a popular choice considered by most homeowners. Adding tinted glass to your home has various advantages and disadvantages. Tinted glass is available in a variety of colors and is mainly used for windows to prevent the scorching heat from entering inside the house and heating it up.

Reflective glass

Similar to the tinted glass, reflective glass reflects heat. It prevents heat loss and blocks the incoming heat in the building. Reflective glass often has metallic color which prevents the view of those standing in front of it.

Acoustic glass

 Noise can be a major disruptive factor in any building. When it comes to acoustics, people think of a solid panel that can actually block noise but it can block natural light as well. Thanks to the use of soundproof glass panels, light can easily enter the building but can block out unwanted noise. It looks beautiful but creates the perfect soundproof room! It is widely used in home offices, surgeries, tanning beds, and home libraries.

Transparent glass

Transparent glass transmits 80-90% of the light, so it is widely used to separate indoor spaces. Transparent glass is also used in furniture, door handles, lamp production, large chandeliers, and large decorative vessels that exude luxury and fashion.

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