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Top Paints Companies in Pakistan 

When the construction of your house or building is near to its competition, the final touch that livens up any building structure is the paint. As obvious as it may sound, paint is the most crucial element of finishing. Without paint, even the most beautiful architecture cannot reach its full potential.

 While some may argue that there are other alternatives to paint, such as tiles, the advantages of paint remain unrivaled. However, it is important to note that paint is not a mere finishing accessory. Therefore it shouldn’t be dealt with as an after-thought. Paint can either make or break the entire aesthetics of your house and building.  

The right paint color can enhance the visual appeal of the building structure by two folds, while good quality paint will save you a lot of time and money. Additionally, paints protect the building as well. It keeps sunlight, harmful UV rays, and weather conditions like excessive humidity due to rain at bay. Latest Price of Paint in Pakistan. 


paint companies in Pakistan


The quality and texture of the paint are ever-evolving. With the advancement of technology, paints have become much more efficient when it comes to surface performance.

What makes a paint good quality?

House owners are meticulous in choosing the best quality paint. If you are wondering what sets low-quality paint apart from good quality paint, then you have landed at the right place. Here’s your answer:  A paint is composed of varying proportions of different compounds. The proportion of each compound is crucial as it determines the overall quality of paint. To be precise, a good-quality paint has the following proportions of its compounds:

  •       Pigment: 20% to 30%
  •       Solvent: 10% to 15%
  •       Binder: 40%
  •       Extender: 20%
  •       Additive 5% to 7%

Characteristics of a good quality paint

  •       It is not porous
  •       The water doesn’t absorb into the paint
  •       It has a significant percentage of binder and pigment.

Due to the increased percentage of binder and pigment, good-quality paint is more expensive than low-quality paint. Low-quality paints absorb water which leads to peeling and bubbling. High-quality paints are long-lasting and worth the investment. Above all, investing in good quality paint will save you repainting costs.

Types of Paints

There are eight different types of paints which are as following:

Enamel Paint

Zinc and lead are primary components of the varnish. Enamel paints have a hard and glossy coating. This type of paint is chemically resistant and waterproof. Enamel paints offer good color retention and overall coverage. This paint is usually used for windows, stairs, wood trimmings, metal, and masonry work.

Oil Paint

White lead is used as the base of oil paints. Oil paint is usually applied in three coatings: the primer, the undercoat, and the finish coat. Oil paint has both glossy and matte finishes. Typically, oil paints are used for windows, walls, metal, and indoor structures. Oil paints are not suitable for humid places.

 Emulsion Paint

Usually, polystyrene or polyvinyl acetate is used as a binding material in Emulsion paints. Emulsion paint can be both water-based and oil-based. They harden quickly and are known for their fast-drying properties, and are alkali resistant.

Cement Paint

Cement paint is available in powder form, which is mixed with water to achieve paint-like consistency. The base material is usually white or colored cement with added pigments, additives, and accelerators. Due to its highly durable nature, cement paint is usually used for rough interior and exterior surfaces for waterproofing. Cement paints have a longer drying time, and usually, two coats are required to prevent any dampness issues.

 Bituminous Paint

As the name suggests, bituminous paint is made up of tar or dissolved asphalt. This is why it is black in color. It is waterproof and alkali-resistant. However, it is not suitable for surfaces that are directly exposed to the sun. Bituminous paint is usually used for underwater ironworks, iron pipes, wooden surfaces, and concrete foundations. This paint provides rust resistance to the surfaces.

Plastic Paint

Water is usually used as a thinner in plastic paints. The main applications of plastic paints include decks, slabs, ceilings of the auditorium, and showroom. Plastic paints are quick-dry and provide high coverage.

Anti-corrosive Paint

Anti-corrosive paint is chemical-resistant paint and usually black in color. It is used for pipes and metallic surfaces. This paint minimizes the exposure of the surface to air and moisture. 

Anti-corrosive paints prevent corrosion and act as a barrier between the surface and the corrosion.

  Cellulose Paint

The main components of cellulose paint include photographic films, amyl acetate, and celluloid sheets. One of the key characteristics of cellulose paint is that once dried, it’s easy to wash it as well. This paint has a smooth finish as it is resistant to water, smoke. Cellulose paints are used for cars and airplanes. This type of paint is very costly.

Top paint companies
Best Paint Companies In Pakistan

As we have gone through various paints, it’s time to talk about the top paint companies in Pakistan worth your consideration. As a homeowner or a landlord, you wouldn’t come across all the types mentioned above of paints. This is why our primary focus remains on the types of paints that are used for buildings. Here’s a list of top paint companies in Pakistan.

 Berger paints

Berger Paints is a well-known brand in the industry. This company operates worldwide. In Pakistan, it was established in 1950. It is a premium brand that imports products from the UK. It’s parent-company is Slotrapid Limited, which is based in the UK. The first manufacturing facility was established in Karachi back in 1955. 

Over time, the company diversified its range of products. In 2006, the manufacturing facility was extended to Lahore. This company has various technical collaborations with international companies. One of the collaborating partners is the leading Japanese paint company. This collaboration allowed Berger to extend its operations in the domain of automotive and industrial paints.

The company’s regional offices are also situated in Islamabad, Multan, Gujranwala, Faisalabad, and Peshawar. Berger paints have a diverse network of dealers and distributors. If you are seeking a hassle-free buying solution, then you can buy it here.

The product range of Berger paint includes the following:

Vogue Series:

  • Glazed Finish
  • Marbleized Finish
  • Interior Texture
  • Sand Finish
  • Exterior Texture


  • LIFEplus + Emulsion
  • Silk Emulsion
  • Elegance Matt Emulsion
  • Eazy Clean Emulsion
  • SPD Semi Plastic Emulsion
  • New Economy Emulsion
  • VIP Matt Emulsion MaxPro
  • Exteriors:
  • Weather coat Acrylic Exterior Finish
  • WeatherPro Acrylic Exterior Emulsion
  • NU Series:
  • NU Emulsion
  • NU Enamel
  • NU Putty
  • NU Prime Seal
  • Wood & Metal:
  • Elegance Longlife Enamel
  • VIP Super Gloss Enamel
  • Allrounder Matt Enamel
  • Synthetic Enamel

Timbercoat Range:

  • Timbercoat Sanding Sealer
  • Timbercoat Polyurethane Color Varnish
  • Timbercoat Clear Wood Lacquer
  • Timbercoat Polyurethane Lacquer
  • Timbercoat Acid-Catalyzed Matt Lacquer
  • Timbercoat Thinner

 Buxly paints

Buxly Paints is one of the oldest paint companies which has been operational since 1933. Back in the pre-partition era, Buxly paints was the first-ever paint company established by a local Indian. After the partition in 1947, the company owner moved to Pakistan.

 Buxly paints company is probably the first-ever paint company established in Pakistan as well. It was converted into a public limited company in 1985. Popular names in the industry such as Fauji Fertilizers, Siemens Engineering, Peoples Steel Mills, Pakistan Petroleum, Pakistan Oil Fields, Fon Gas use Buxly paint (as claimed by Buxly Paints website).

The product range of Buxly Paints includes the following:

  •       Wood Shield Clear Lacquer
  •       Wood Shield Sanding Sealer
  •       Buxlac Emulsion
  •       Plastic Bound Distemper (PBD)
  •       413 Special Plastic Emulsion
  •       Imperial Matt Emulsion
  •       Premium Silk Emulsion
  •       Weather Fighter Exterior Emulsion
  •       Wall Putty
  •       Acrylic Wall Putty
  •       Water Based Primer
  •       Alkali Resisting Primer Sealer

If you are looking to buy Buxly Paints, then you can buy them here.

Gobis paint

Gobis paint was established in 1981 in Pakistan. It boasts European technology for manufacturing paint. Gobis paint is among the pioneers of sustainable paint solutions in Pakistan. Allied Paint is the subsidiary of Gobis paints. The product range of Gobis Paint is as following:

  •       Premium
  •       Silverline
  •       Gold
  •       Summer
  •       Valmet

If you are looking to buy Gobis Paints, then you can buy them here.

ICI Dulux paints

The parent company of ICI Dulux paints is AkzoNobel which is a leading international brand of paint. This company is the pioneer of the tinting system in Pakistan. ICI Dulux color solutions have a diversified range of paint colors. This range totals up to 2,000 paint colors and shades. This brand offers a complete range of painting solutions, starting from the base coat to the final finishes. 

The best part about this paint brand is that it also has a paint visualizer named Dulux Visualizer that allows you to visualize the final version of your room once the paint job is completed. The mobile application is available both for Google Play Store and Apple app store.You can buy ICI Dulux Online in Pakistan.

Following is the product range of Dulux Paints:


  •       Dulux Aluminum Paint Dual Pack
  •       Dulux Promise Exterior Emulsion
  •       Dulux Weather shield Water Repellent
  •       Dulux Matt Enamel
  •       Dulux Synthetic Undercoat Wood and Metal Primer
  •       Dulux Weather shield Roof
  •       Dulux Exterior Acrylic Putty
  •       Paintex Star Synthetic Enamel
  •       Dulux Woodcare Wood Sealer
  •       Dulux Gloss Enamel
  •       Dulux Exterior Crack Bridging Primer
  •       Dulux Red Oxide Metal Primer
  •       Dulux Aqua shield Flexible Waterproof Basecoat
  •       Dulux Prime-On
  •       Dulux Promise Gloss Enamel
  •       Paintex Ultra prime
  •       Dulux Woodcare Matt Lacquer
  •       Dulux Woodcare Gloss Lacquer
  •       Dulux Synthetic Clear Varnish
  •       Dulux Weather shield Powerflexx


  •       Dulux Promise Interior Primer
  •       Dulux Matt Enamel
  •       Dulux Velvet Touch Silk Gold
  •       Dulux Synthetic Undercoat Wood and Metal Primer
  •       Dulux Interior Acrylic Primer
  •       Paintex Star Synthetic Enamel
  •       Dulux Promise Interior Emulsion
  •       Dulux Gloss Enamel
  •       Paintex Star Emulsion
  •       Dulux Velvet Touch Marble
  •       Dulux Velvet Touch Linen
  •       Dulux Pentalite Emulsion
  •       Paintex Ultratex Vinyl Emulsion
  •       Dulux Interior Acrylic Putty
  •       Dulux Velvet Touch Colour Motion
  •       Dulux Velvet Touch Soft Sheen
  •       Dulux Promise Gloss Enamel

If you are looking to buy Gobis Paints, then you can buy them here.

Jotun Paints

Jotun Group is a Norwegian group of companies that primarily deals with paints and finishes. The company has up to 38 production facilities and operates in 23 countries.  The product range of Jotun Paints is as following:


  •       Fenomastic My Home Rich Matt
  •       Fenomastic My Home Smooth Silk
  •       Fenomastic Pure Colour Emulsion
  •       Fenomastic Hygiene
  •       Fenomastic Primer
  •       Durosan 02
  •       Jollyfix
  •       PVA Primer
  •       Stucco


  •       Jotashield Colour Xtreme
  •       Jotashield ColourLast
  •       Jotashield Tex Fine
  •       Jotashield Tex Ultra
  •       Jotashield Tex Medium
  •       Jotashield Decor Antique Tex
  •       Jotashield Decor Traditional Tex
  •       Jotashield Decor Glaze
  •       Jotashield Clear
  •       Jotashield Penetrating Primer
  •       Jotashield Alkali Resistant Primer
  •       Acrylic Emulsion Primer

If you are looking to buy Jotun Paints, then you can buy them here.

Kansai Paints

Kansai Paints is a Japanese company that has been operational for the last 100 years. It has established its position among the top ten paint companies in the world. The product range of Kansai Paints includes the following:

  •       Armor Flex
  •       Clear Varnish
  •       Gloss Enamel
  •       Metallic Gloss Enamel
  •       Premium Exterior Emulsion
  •       Premium Exterior Wall Putty
  •       Premium Interior
  •       Premium Matt Enamel
  •       Premium Wall Putty
  •       Red Oxide Primer
  •       Rocksolid Polycuramine Metallic Floor Coating
  •       Stain Guard
  •       Sun Shield
  •       Texture Finish
  •       Wall Primer & Sealer
  •       Wood Finish Lacquer
  •       Wood Finish Sealer

If you are looking to buy Gobis Paints, then you can buy them here.

Master Paints

Master Paint is one of the leading paint manufacturers in Pakistan. It was established in 1975. Over time, this company has earned its fame through its innovative approach. The product range of Master Paints includes the following:

Interior Paint

  •       Royal Pearl Emulsion
  •       Royal Matt Emulsion
  •       Luxury Plastic Emulsion
  •       Super Emulsion
  •       Master Texture Finish
  •       Synthetic Enamel
  •       Matt Enamel Finish

Exterior Paint

  •       Roof Master
  •       Exterior Primer
  •       Exterior Wall Putty
  •       Weather Resistant
  •       Matt Enamel Finish
  •       Synthetic Enamel
  •       Synthetic Metallic
  •       Aluminum Silver

If you are looking to buy Gobis Paints, then you can buy them here.

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