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Top Home Lighting Trends for 2021

Top Home Lighting Trends for 2021

While this may sound like a philosophical question, the answer is pretty much simple. The light bulbs in your house are what keeps your world bright when the sun goes down. For obvious reasons, lighting shouldn’t be treated as an after-thought when it comes to the interior design of your house. You need to have reliable sources of artificial light and the ones that rev up the visual attraction of your house. When done right, lighting can work wonders. 

From making a room larger than its usual size to enhancing the symmetry, lighting can do what an expert interior designer would otherwise minus the hefty amount. If you wonder how to make your house stunning through lighting, you are at the right place. We are here to fill your mind with some amazing trendy ideas that you will want to try right away.  Here is the list of lighting trends of 2021:

Lighting as a focal point 

Gone are the days when the lighting was merely an accessory. Contrary to popular belief, furniture or wall colour doesn’t always have to be the room’s focal point. This year, lighting is in the spotlight! Yes, you heard it right. Whatever style or theme of interior design you are following, elegant light fittings can always come to your aid. 

Thoughtfully placed ceiling lights can instantly transform your room. Whether you want to go with simple statement pieces or extravagant light fittings, use lighting as a focal point of your interior design. This year is all about going bold with lighting. You can use unconventional light fixtures that are instant attention-grabbers. 


Sculptural lamps 

If you are an art lover, anything can be turned into art! Even your lamps. Why invest in two when you can get the same charm in one? Sculptural lamps add artistic expression to not only the room but also a standalone decoration item as well. Flaunt sculptural table or side lamps to accentuate the visual appeal of the surroundings. Sculptural lamps are also ideal for forgotten dark corners of rooms that need more attention and eye-catching details. 

Add some colour 

Who said lighting should always be plain and simple? Why not add some artistic details like bright and bold colours with beautiful patterns? Colourful lamps cannot only elevate the aesthetics but can also infiltrate through walls and furnishings, perfectly resonating with your mood. Create a more flattering scheme with some vivid colours in your lighting fixtures.

 A graphic jolt of colour will create a psychedelic effect. You can also opt for patterned lamps. The lighting trends of 2021 reflect eclecticism. Whether you want to experiment with the playfulness of paisleys or opt for the classic allure of animal prints, you can reimagine those ordinary lamps into something beautiful. 

City Of Lights


Lava lamps 

In 2021, lava lamps are trending. The popularity is stemming from the love of nostalgia. Lava lamps are making a comeback, and this time, they are not only for crazy teens but those interior design enthusiasts that want to add a new dimension to their room. The best part about coloured lighting is that it can create a whole mood and evoke a distinct feeling in the room. 

Brass is trending! 

Brass lighting is achieving celebrity status in 2021! Warmer tones of brushed and polished brass are trending. You can opt for either high-shine or matte finish and pair it with marble or wood to bring a more refined feeling. For a more contemporary appearance, you can also pair it up with concrete. 

Incorporate silhouette lamps

Silhouettes that bring in a nostalgic and vintage feel are the main highlights of lighting trends in 2021. They bring warmth, coziness and intimacy to the place. Using silhouette lighting is not only a classic way of lighting up the dark corners of less utilized areas of the room but also a perfect budget-friendly solution if you want to keep things simple. Small silhouette table lamps or plug-in sconces can be a great addition to your crowded desk. 

Flush mount 

Given the various lighting configurations available, there is a long list of attention-grabbing lights, but our best pick remains the flush mount. Why? Because flush mount lighting can elevate the entire room’s appearance by making the ceiling the focal point. Strategically, it is much more effortless than any other option available. 

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