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These Decor Trends Will Be Everywhere In 2021

Decor Trends

In 2021, the pandemic is still lurking around the corner. People are finding newer ways of making their lifestyles worthwhile. Revamping the houses is one of them. In this article, we will take a brief look at major design trends of 2021 that will be everywhere. 

The place we spend most of our lives needs to reflect our taste and lifestyle choices. A well-kept house is a reflection of its owner’s sense of style and distinction. Every year, the trends keep changing, providing a new playground to interior designers and house owners to create the best out of homes. A few experiments here and there can completely transform the way of your living. Following are the top interior design trends of 2021: 

Nature-inspired :

Isolation and restricted outdoor activities have urged people to look the other way. People are more than willing to bring nature-inspired elements to their interior design, giving them a sense of the outdoors. Something as simple as hardwood flooring can do the trick. Safari-themed interior design and decor are one of the top trends.

From rugs to furnishing to paintings, cool tropical and beachy themes are preferred the most. If you want to try out this trend, all you need to do is bring earthy elements to your home. Whether you like earthenware, wicker lamps, or just the color palette of earth shades. This trend is definitely worth giving a shot, especially when you need a little amusement at home.  

Cane and Rattan Furniture :

Cane and rattan are the top trending materials for home furnishing this year. Light-weight and soft, warm, earthy colors make them a perfect choice for quirky home decor. Cane and rattan furniture is equally suitable for indoors and outdoors. This type of furnishing is not only versatile but also very low maintenance and eco-friendly. Above all, cane and rattan are highly durable. They can resist weather changes. Cane cupboards are a top choice. 

Bold colors :

For the past few years, monochromatic color palettes were top trending. However, things have changed in 2021. People are already bored of dull grays and dark blacks. In 2021, you will see colors everywhere. Interior designers will try their hands on a myriad of color palettes to create a vibrant aesthetic, a much-needed retreat for house owners, especially in the pandemic era. Hunter green color is one of the popular choices. Hunter green is a deep green color that adds depth to space and is also associated with wellness and closely related to nature. Similarly, deep blue is another popular choice. Deep blue is known for sprucing up any space with its richness. 

Tone on tone style :

This trend has been there in the interior design industry for a while now. The key is to play with different shades of the same color through layering. It creates an alluring appearance. The subtle changes in tone and texture of color will completely transform the space. Examples of this type of styling include pairing high gloss ceilings with matte walls. This style also makes space appear bigger. 

Graphic minimalism :

What is better than minimalism? Yes, it is graphic minimalism! Graphic minimalist wallpapers can add a much-needed sense of personality to your room. It is an excellent fit for hallways as well. Eye-catching murals printed on the wallpapers are all it takes to embrace graphic minimalism.

Murals :

It’s high time to break free from dull walls. In 2021, your house needs to be a little more graphic. As mentioned earlier, you can style your house with not only mural wallpapers but also real murals as well. A mural will enrich the color palette of your room. Serving as a perfect optical illusion, murals can turn your space into a wonderland.

Outdoor furniture :

Outdoor furniture is more important than ever. In 2021, dealing with outdoor furniture as an afterthought is a significant interior design mistake. People are spending more time in outdoor spaces in their houses. Creating a perfect abode is necessary. Like indoor furnishing, rattan, cane, and wicker outdoor furniture inspired from the 70s is top trending. 


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