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The Benefits of Using LED Architectural Lighting

Ever since Edison invented the light bulb, the options for illuminating a place have become innovative like never before. Gone are the days when a single source of direct light was enough to light up a room. Now selecting the lighting of your house is as tricky as matching your wall colors with your favorite painting. No matter whichever style or design of lighting you choose, one thing is certain. LED lighting is ruling the world. The number of benefits LED lighting has is unmatchable.

 Without further ado, let us dive deep into the world of LED lighting and see why it reigns supreme. 

Energy and Cost-efficient. 

Thomas Edison once said: “We will make electricity so cheap that only the rich will burn candles.” 

The electricity isn’t cheaper yet, but LED lights are the true embodiment of what Thomas Edison envisioned for the world. The minute you replace the incandescent or halogen bulb with an LED one, you can save up to 90% energy. LED bulbs require no warm-up time. They use minimal electric current to light up even at low voltage. This makes LED bulbs our ultimate hero. It is low-maintenance. It brightens up our world and doesn’t take much. 

LED Bulbs Waste No Light 

Unlike its forefathers, LED bulbs are highly focused. They don’t throw light in all directions. Embodying the philosophy that every bit of light matters, LED bulbs emit light to a specific direction instead of randomly illuminating the space. This is what makes LED bulbs versatile. It has multiple applications, such as task lighting, spotlighting, and accent lighting. LED lighting can bring your favorite artwork or decor pieces to attention. 

LED Lights are Long-lasting 

Initially, LED lighting used to cost an arm and leg. With wider adoption, LED lighting is cheaper than before. Given the lifespan of LED lighting, it pays back fully well. On average, LED bulbs last for up to 10 years. All its rivals are unable to pace up with its higher durability. Due to their long lifespan, LED bulbs are also very environmentally friendly. 

Functions Well Under Harsh Conditions

When traditional lighting fails, LED lighting triumphs. Like a warrior, LED lighting can function well under harsh conditions. It can resist anything that comes its way, including vibration, rain, wind, and shocks. I can also withstand the lowest and highest temperatures. What makes LED bulbs even more resilient is that they are great heat diffusers. They barely face any overheating issues. 

LED Lighting is Hassle-free. 

A longer lifespan subtracts all the hassle of buying and replacing bulbs, cutting additional effort and costs. In traditional lighting, you will have to change many bulbs to reach the same longevity as a LED bulb. The best part about LED lighting is that it doesn’t burn out or dims over time. By the end of its life, an LED bulb will become 30% less bright. This will be a clear sign that you need to get a new one. However, this will take a long time to happen. So no worries for now! 

Easy and Safe to Install 

The installation process of traditional lighting is a bit complicated as compared to LED lighting. For example, Fluorescent bulbs require a ballast to regulate their power supply. You need the help of an electrician to do all the necessary wiring. Unlike traditional lighting, LED bulbs can be easily installed into bulb sockets. They are available in the compatible version for the primary voltage system. 

You wouldn’t need a transformer to make it function properly. LED bulbs can operate at low temperatures, which reduces the risk of burns and fire. Installing LED bulbs is more manageable, so you can even do it yourself. However, don’t forget to take the necessary precautions. 

High Quality of Light 

Can you tell the difference between a white or gray colored object? If not, then your light bulb is the main culprit. Traditional bulbs are not well-equipped to make the full spectrum of light visible. However, that’s not the case with LED lights. An LED bulb renders better color than other types of bulbs. It has a better quality of light than others. However, not LED bulbs are the same. 

Always go for high-quality LED bulbs with an Energy-Star rating. For more clarity, you can check the Color Rendering Index (CRI) on the package. A high CRI means better quality. 

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