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The 8 Best Poufs For Any Room

The 8 Best Poufs For Any Room

Are you looking for a compact and comfortable seat? Do you like rearranging your seat in different ways? Then you should buy a pouf. The pouf is a versatile piece of furniture that you can place anywhere around your house. The best thing about poufs is that they are multi-purpose. 

Use them as a comfortable footrest or a soft seat, when nothing else you can use it as a mini-table. The pouf can never disappoint you. Poufs come in different sizes and styles. Apart from being a comfortable piece of furniture to lounge on, a bright and unique pouf can serve as a focal point in the room. They are also very easy to blend in with other elements of interior design.

 In this article, you are going to find out 8 amazing pouf ideas for your house. But first, let’s take a brief outlook at some important facts about poufs. 

What are Poufs? 

The pouf is akin to ottomans. A pouf is a compact and lightweight form of floor seating. It appears like an oversized throw cushion. Poufs are a great option for extra seating and usually, they are placed around the coffee table. 

What is the Difference Between a Pouf and an Ottoman? 

Both ottoman and pouf are quite similar when it comes to functionality. However, they have a distinguishable appearance. Unlike an ottoman, a pouf doesn’t have legs. It sits flat on the ground. An ottoman is less pillowy than a pouf. A very simple way to identify a pouf from an ottoman is that the ottoman is more table-like and the pouf is more cushion although the size and shape may vary. 

How to Choose the Right Pouf for Your Home? 

Poufs come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and styles. Before choosing poufs for your home, consider the style you want to create and the purpose of using them. For example, if you want a pouf for extra seating in your living room then go for a larger one. If you want to use a pouf as a mini table then you should opt for a firmer one.

Coordinate the color and style of the pouf with other elements of your interior design to bring harmony. Before choosing the material of the pouf, keep its purpose in mind. If you are buying a pouf for interior decor instead of daily use then go for velvet or silk poufs. For more regular and casual usage, choose poufs made of cotton or faux leather. 

How to Style with a Pouf? 

Styling a pouf is much easier than you think. Simply place two or three poufs around a coffee table or place one next to the couch for perfect movie nights. Another way of styling the pouf is using it as a throw pillow on the couch. The multi-purpose pouf can also serve as a mini-table for your books or magazines. 

8 Best Poufs for Your Home 

Cotton Canvas Pouf 

A cotton canvas pouf is one of the most versatile additions in any room. The fabric is low-maintenance with a soft and sturdy-feeling. A blend of cotton with jute is also a great choice. Usually, a cotton pouf is filled with polystyrene beads that are crafted from puffed resin. 

A cotton pouf is lightweight and easy to adjust. It is specially made for the indoors. So keep this point in mind before buying poufs for your lawn. The best part about cotton poufs is that they come in a variety of colors and can be paired up to create an eye-catching aesthetic of the room. 

Braided Cotton Pouf 

This is yet another classic option on our list. As the name suggests, a braided pouf is knitted in the form of braids. It is a flat, round-shaped mass ideal to use as a footrest. The hand-woven braided cotton pouf comes in various visual and tactile texture that goes well along with just any interior design theme. You can go with neutral-colored poufs to enhance the visual appeal of your room without going a bit overboard. 

Leather Pouf

A leather pouf is sleek and sophisticated at its best. Unlike other types of poufs, it is usually cube-shaped. It has a smooth exterior made up of various squares of faux leather. The leather squares are then pieced and stitched together. Leather poufs are simply classy and stylish. They also come adorned with several textural details with striking finishes. A warm-brown leather pouf is a great option for your living room.  

Morrocan Pouf 

Do you want to go a little ethnic with your choices? A Morrocan pouf is the one for you. This soft-eye-catching beauty is a great fit for those who seek an unconventional statement piece in their interior design. Moroccan pouf is adorned with geometric strips that are sewn together through large exposed stitches. These stitches act as a design detail and form a medallion pattern in the center of the pouf. The textural elements make Morrocan pouf a striking piece to have in your room. If you opt for dark colors, you will notice that the textural details are even more striking than in lighter colors. A Morrocan pouf is a must-have for a boho and contemporary home. 

Juniper Pouf 

If you are looking for a pouf that will fit any space in your house either indoor or outdoor, then a juniper pouf is the one for you. It will create a sense of warmth in your house. A juniper pouf is cozy and often comes with a removable cover that is made up of a synthetic weave. This is what makes it a great fit for the outdoors since it can withstand all the wear and tear. A juniper pouf comes in a variety of colors and stocking up on a few pieces is never a bad idea. Brick red and sage green colors are worth giving a shot. Juniper poufs are a striking seating selection, especially for the balconies. 

Jute pouf 

Just like other types of poufs, jute pouf is soft and lightweight. It is filled with styrofoam beans and the exterior is lined with a series of jute ropes. What makes the jute pouf stand apart from the rest is that it is highly durable while being surprisingly soft and comfortable. This type of jute is usually available in a classic natural finish. For enhanced visual appeal, you can opt for a two-toned texture. Jute pouf also comes with colorful bases that you can flip to the top. 

Braided Jute Pouf 

A braided jute pouf shares its similarities with a classic jute pouf however it is much larger in size and usually used for decoration purposes. It is a great fit for both indoors and outdoors. The usual color choices are a natural finish and a black one. Despite being large, it is lightweight, fluffy, and poly-filled. The braided jute lined up on its exterior makes it highly durable. 

Velvet pouf 

A pouf is not just any other furnishing piece sitting around the corner. It can be as luxurious as you want it to be. If you are looking to add a touch of luxury while enjoying the softness of the pouf then a velvet pouf is the ideal one for you. It is wrapped in plush velvet covers and is even more popular than all other options combined. The thick intertwined strips of velvet make this pouf super fluffy. Usually, the velvet cover is also removable hence making it more practical. Choose two or three velvet poufs in striking shades and see the visual magic for yourself.  

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