Gloss Finish Enamel

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Gloss Finish Enamel

Spring Green (1029), Original Green (1044), Mauve (1084), Lilac Time (1083), Royal Blue (1021), Middle blue (1020), Light Blue (1016), Corn Flower (1068), Comet Blue (1080), White Blue (1039), Royal Green (1033), Emerald (1032), Adams Green (1030), Sea Green (1081), White Green (1071), Shadow (1078), Court Grey (1070), Smoke Grey (1067), Grey White (1043), Pumice (1065), Light Grey (1079), Ash Grey (1027), Lavender White (1061), Ash White (1036), New Campagne (1045), Dark Brown (1009), Golden Brown (1008), Brown (1082), Polish Brown (1059), Soft Terracotta (1066), Coriander (1047), Pale Cream (1076), Diyar (1088), Beige (1005), Early Dawn (1072), Hopsack (1085), Red Oxide (1012), Signal Red (1014), Orange (1063), Candy (1040), Pink Bonet (1069), Golden Yellow (1007), Pink (1062), Lemon (1006), Cameo (1060), Cream (1003), County Cream (1004), Rose White (1077), Off White (1001)



Drum, Gallon, Quarter


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2 reviews for Gloss Finish Enamel
  1. Danish Ali

    I recently used the Gloss Finish Enamel on a DIY furniture project, and I must say, I’m thoroughly impressed. The finish it provides is outstanding – glossy, smooth, and professional-looking. I applied it on a wooden table, and it transformed the appearance entirely. Not only did it give a brilliant shine, but it also seemed to enhance the color, making it more vibrant and appealing. The application was straightforward, and the enamel dried relatively quickly to a beautiful glossy sheen. What I appreciate most is its durability; it’s been a few weeks now, and the surface remains scratch-resistant and easy to clean. I highly recommend this gloss finish enamel for anyone looking to add a sleek and polished look to their furniture or other projects

  2. Talha Haroon

    Gobi”s paint exceeded my expectations.

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