Fenomastic My Home Rich Matt

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Fenomastic My Home Rich Matt

  • A superior quality emulsion with a beautiful matt finishes making colours appear richer, providing the best colour experience.
  • Gives the most accurate colours; what you see in the colour card is what you will get on the wall.
  • Ideal for all indoor spaces, specifically living rooms and bedrooms or other areas with high visibility.
  • Offers a wider selection of colours which come out more beautifully because of the matt finish.
  • Deep colours look rich, strong colours look soft as they are undisturbed by gloss. It also has enhanced film properties.
  • Has very low VOC which ensures good indoor air quality. Offers good flow, hiding power, can anti-bacterial and colour retention properties. Provides durable and washable matt finish. Free from harmful chemicals like APEO, formaldehyde, heavy metals etc.



0.9 Liters, 16.2 Liters, 3.6 Liters


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2 reviews for Fenomastic My Home Rich Matt
  1. Danish Ali

    Impressive paint quality! Fenomastic My Home Rich Matt gives a luxurious matte finish that elevates any room’s aesthetics.

  2. Talha Haroon

    Best in colors

    best in performance.

    best in coverage.

    best in long lasting

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