Ezymix Tile Bond


  • Product Data:

    Type: Cementitious powder

    Storage Condition: Store in a dry area between 5°C and 35°C. Protect from sunlight.

    Shelf Life: 10 months minimum from production date if stored properly in original unopened packaging in a cool, shaded area.

    Packaging: 20, Kgs Bag




General Purpose, Non-Shrink Cementitious Tile Adhesive

Product Description:

Ezymix Tile Bond is cementitious, non-shrink polymer containing , thin bed tile adhesive used for permanent fixing of tiles. Suitable for tropical and hot climate condition.


Ezymix Tile Bond is suitable for fixing:
— Wall and floor tiles
— Insulation and acoustic tiles.
— Marble and terrazzo tiles.


— High bond strength.
— Easy to use, just add water.
— Excellent workability.
— Excellent pot life.
— Can be applied on cement screeds, concrete or lime mortars.
— Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.


Ezymix Tile Bond compiles with ISO 13007-1

Technical Data:

Appearance: Grey Powder

Composition: Contains cement and selected aggregates along with additives

Maximum aggregate size: 0.4-0.6mm

Bulk Density: 1.55 + 0.05Kg/liter

Wet Density: 1.85 + Kg/liter

Pot life: 4 hours (at 25°C)

Open Time : 20 mins at 25°C

Pull of Strength: Conditions: 1 Day: N/A, 7 Days: 0.8MPs, 28 Days: 1.2MPs

Approximate Yield/Coverage: 2.0 – 24 sqft/20 kg bag





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