Buxly Wall Putty 30 KG


Color :  White
Weight: 30Kg
Buxly Wall Putty is available in 30 Kg Packaging.

Buxly Wall Putty

Product Description

Buxly Wall Putty is first-rate premium oil-based enamel for interior and exterior use. It provides protection and decoration to the surface; it could be used for finishing and attractiveness of the surface under all climate changes. It can be useful on prepared primed surfaces such as wood, metal, cement-plaster, asbestos, hardboard, etc.

  • Recommended Surface

Surface should be free from grease, wax, oil, dirt and rust before applying paint. On pre painted surfaces loose, blistered or flaking paint should be thoroughly removed by scraping. For priming, Buxly Red Oxide Primer/Buxly Basecoat Synthetic Undercoat is recommended depending on the surface.

  • Application Methodology

Buxly Wall Putty can be applied with brush, roller or spray. To obtain a desired viscosity for brush application, thin up to 12% with good quality turpentine and up to 20% for spray application. Buxly Wall Putty dries in 3 to 4 hours under normal weather conditions and is re-coat able after 16 hours. The average coverage is 12 to 16 m2 per liter per coat depending on surface porosity.

  • Buxly Wall Putty is available in 30Kg Packaging.
  • Weight: 30Kg Liters (Drum Size)
  • Color :  White

30 KG


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