Buxly Buxlac Emulsion Special Edition 14.56 Liters (Drum size)


Buxly Buxlac Emulsion Special Edition

Product Description

Buxlac Emulsion is a finest Distemper. Buxlac Emulsion can be used for walls, ceilings, old and new cement plaster, chipboard and hardboard.  It is durable and covers more area than the average distempers. Buxlac Emulsion should be employed to refine the porous surfaces by thinning, with equal quantity of water being mixed. For porous surfaces extra water should be added in water.

  • Recommended Surface

Surfaces should be rubbed down with stone or sandpaper to remove nibs on the plaster. Previously painted surfaces should be thoroughly sandpapered. All surfaces should then be cleaned using a bristle brush or broom. Always ensure that the surface being painted is dry and free from taking paint, oil and grease, etc.

  • Application Methodology

For Thinning, mix equal volume of Buxlac Emulsion and water. For porous surfaces additional quantity of water may b necessary for the first coat in order to satisfy surface porosity. All equipment and brushes, etc. must always be cleaned with soap and water immediately after use.

  • Buxlac Emulsion is available in 3.64 liters (6Kg) and 14.56 liters (24Kg) pack sizes.
  • Weight: 14.56 Liters (Drum size)



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