Bestway Pakcem


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Pakcem is well established in the local as well as international market for its quality, durability & strength. It was the first product in Pakistan to deliver up to 10,000 PSI strength, catering to the needs of housing, industrial buildings, and infrastructural requirements.

This cement is general-purpose cement and can be used for concrete construction such as pavements and sidewalks, bridges, buildings concrete blocks, floor slabs, beams, culverts, reservoirs, masonry, and reinforced concrete. It is also used for manufacturing pre-cast concrete blocks & pipes.

The OPC produced by Bestway complies with:

Sr# Standard Code
1 Pakistan Standard PS:232:2008 (R) 53 Grade
2 Pakistan Standard PS:5313: 2014 (R) CEM I 52,5 N
3 European Standard EN:197-1:2011 CEM I 52,5 N
4 Indian Standard IS:269:2015 53 Grade






Bestway Cement

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