Allied Cable 3/0.029” 250/440V


  • Weight:          2.15 Kg (Approx.)
  • Length:            90 meters
  • Color:            Red/Yellow/Blue/Black/Green
  • Brand:             Allied Cables
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Allied Cable 3/0.029” 250/440V

Annealed Copper Conductor, PVC Insulated

  • Weight:        3.15 Kg (Approx.)
  • Length:         90 meters
  • Color:            Red-Yellow-Blue-Black-Green
  • Brand:           Allied Cables

Black, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow


1-core 300/500V, 1-core 460/750V, 2-Core Circular 300/500V, 2-Core Flat -300/500V, 3-Core 300/500V, 4-Core 300/500V

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