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Prepare your home for the changing weather

Prepare your home for the changing weather

Winter is coming! How about preparing your house for the upcoming season? After all, it’s the right time to gear up for some much-needed house maintenance. Not sure about where to start? Zarea is presenting you with the ultimate checklist of all the fall season prep for your house. Below are five must-do maintenance tasks that you need to do right away!  

Don’t let those gutters swell up! 

No one (literally no one) would like to have a clogged gutter stinking like rotten rats in their house. Things can quickly go out of hand in fall with all the additional debris pouring in. So don’t wait and contact the cleaning service today. Get it all cleared up because even if it doesn’t stink, it can damage the foundation of your house pretty bad. 

Your AC unit needs some attention 

It’s that time of the year again when you can finally breathe in peace without turning on your AC. Meanwhile, you should not ignore your AC at all! Take those air filters out, clean them up and store them in some clean dry place. Leaving them on will cause buildup of dust and other particles which can cause trouble the next season when you finally need your AC back. Cover the exterior unit of your air conditioner with a cotton cloth or a plastic tarp as well. The covering will protect it from the external environment. 

Keep the gas and water connection in check 

As soon as the weather changes, the most likely of all the things to get is the water and gas connection. It’s always better to call a professional and get your water and gas connection checked. Any leaks or corrosion should be immediately dealt with. The seasonal inspection will save you lots of time and energy and prevent you from facing any inconveniences. 

Don’t let the leaks turn into a headache 

Broken mesh, loose hinges and anything of this nature can cause you real trouble. As the winter approaches, tighten those loose meshes and fix minor issues of the doorways and windows. Figure out if there are any drafts and the likely source of it. If winters are pretty harsh in the area you live in, make sure to seal the windowpanes and fix any gaps or cracks present.

Your garden needs some care 

When it gets cold, gardens are often overlooked. While many may not know, it’s always better to take precautions for your garden, especially fragile plants that are not often well-adapt to cold conditions. For those plants which need special attention, lay a compost on them that will keep them warm. However, it is important to note that you will have to lay the compost once again when the weather gets warmer.  

Some plants need to be planted later during these months to flower properly. This applies to all onions. It sleeps underground in winter and bears fruit in spring. The best time to sow and fertilize is winter, even on dense lawns. Keep plants like tomatoes and flowers as warm as possible by covering them from sunlight. Now that you have your winter pots too, you can enjoy your colorful garden any time of the year, so keep your home in top condition and soak up the soft air for fall and winter.

Prepare for the load-shedding 

In Pakistan, electricity and gas load shedding is quite common as the weather changes. To avoid any inconveniences, prepare your house for it. You need to have a power cut kit in place that will help you later on. This could include emergency lights, getting your UPS checked, storing ready-to-eat food or board games that will keep you entertained when the power supply troubles. You can also get an electric stove or keep a gas cylinder (following all the precautions) in case you have to face extended gas load shedding. 

Got something else on your list? Let us know in the comments section. 


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