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Plumbing Essentials You Must Have in Your ToolKit

Plumbing Essentials

House owners often encounter plumbing problems that are seemingly minor but are heavy on the pocket. Studies reveal that up to 96,000 gallons of water are leaked every year in an average household. Most of the plumbing issues are that they go undetected or seem minor hence they are often overlooked. 

Knowing how to fix minor plumbing issues can save both time and money. A fully-stocked plumbing kit is all you need! Having the right plumbing tools is the first step in fixing the problems. In this article, you will find out about plumbing essentials you should have in your tool kit. However, it is essential to note that you cannot remediate every plumbing system on your own. 

The plumbing system is the most crucial component of the infrastructure of your house. Some issues need proper professional plumbing service. If the issue at hand needs more technicalities and requires extensive remedy, it is not advised to do it yourself (DIY). 

Back to our topic, the following is the list of plumbing essentials you need to have: 

Plumbing tools 


The plunger is a DIY plumbing tool kit essential. It is used for dislodging minor clogs or shifting masses of grease or hair conveniently. There are two common types of plungers. One is a flange plunger; the other is a cup plunger. A flange plunger is used for clearing toilet clogs, while a cup plunger is used for sinks and tubs etc. However, if any drain in your house needs regular draining, you need to seek a plumber’s professional services. 


A wrench is a staple of any plumbing tool kit. You need to have one or two wrenches in your toolkit to get the job done. It is important to note that there are various types of wrenches, and each type comes in different sizes. Two of the most common types of wrenches are basin wrench and pipe wrench. A basin wrench is used to tighten or lose the nuts of the sink. A basin wrench comes with a long shaft, swivel, and a clamp-like apparatus. The most significant advantage of a basin wrench is reaching even deep and narrow spaces behind the sink. 

The pipe wrench is used for tackling pipe fitting issues. Usually, two pipe wrenches are used. One for holding the pipe and the other one to grip the fittings. Pipe wrenches are a heavy plumbing tool. Do not forget to cover the pipe wrench with a cloth before using it, as it can damage the finishing of your plumbing fixtures. 

Another type of commonly used wrench is an adjustable wrench. This type of wrench is suitable for hexagonal-shaped nuts, supply lines, and compression fittings. One of the noticeable characteristics of an adjustable wrench is that they have a firm jaw that does not let the nut or fitting slip easily. The commonly used size of an adjustable wrench is 6-inches and 10 inches. 


Hacksaw is used in replacing faulty fittings. Hacksaw is used to cut out the faulty area of the pipe and make room for the new fitting. For efficient cutting, ensure that the hacksaw blade is tense and the respective pipe is adequately drained. If the pipe is not drained correctly, it can cause water eruption when the hacksaw penetrates. A hacksaw can cut both metal and plastic pipes. 

Tube cutter 

A tube cutter is used for cutting copper pipes in precise length. This tool is used for smooth cutting. It comes in two sizes, i.e., standard size and mini size. Mini tube cutters are suitable for tight and hard-to-reach spots. Tube cutter slides through the pipes, and its twists cut the pipe. One of the most significant advantages of tube cutters is that it helps to change pipes even in some of the most compact spaces. 

Plumber’s tape 

Plumbing tape is used to re-seal the fittings. This tape is also known as thread seal tape. It helps prevent leakage at the respective joints, which are threaded with this thread seal tape. It is not only inexpensive but can also be used for various plumbing purposes. It can be used both in showerheads and water-line connections. 

As we have gone through essential plumbing tools you should have in your tool kit, it’s time to overview important plumbing materials that you will require. Just like plumbing tools, plumbing materials are also essential for fixing minor plumbing problems at home. Following is the list of plumbing material essentials: 


Fittings are used to attach various pieces of pipes. Fittings are made up of metal links. Some of the fittings are manufactured to divert water flow, while others are used for connecting different sizes of pipes. Fittings are usually made of the same materials as pipes as it is suitable for welding and screwing. 

One of the common types of the fitting is elbow fitting. It is available at various angles and is used to change pipe direction. Another common type is cross fitting. Cross-fitting pipes are used for two-way directions. As per requirement, the fitting can be reduced into different sizes as well. 


Pipes are pivotal for water transmission to sinks and faucets. It will help if you have a few of these pieces in your toolkit. 

Plumbing snake 

As discussed earlier, plungers are used to unclog drains. However, if the issue is more severe, then plumbing snakes are used in that case. Before buying a plumbing snake, it is essential to ensure that it is fit for the type of drain your kitchen has or not. In some cases, plumbing snakes do not work. 

If galvanized pipes are used in the drainage system, then plumbing snakes can make the problem worse. It is not recommended to use plumbing snakes for galvanized pipes as they are weaker than other contemporary pipes and cannot hold against plumbing snakes. 


Hanger support pipes that run along with the ceiling and walls. Hangers are used to tighten hanging pipes and come in various shapes and sizes. 

Flexrock packing 

Flexrock packing is used for covering traps and leaking pipes. Flexrock packing is made up of metallic and self-forming packing, which is suitable for leak coverage. 

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