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Make Your Home Look Extravagant

Do you want to spruce up the aesthetic appeal of your house by adding a touch of luxe but without spending a fortune? Experts suggest several ways that can make your house look luxurious. Let’s explore some tried and tested ways to enhance your house’s beauty and make it look expensive. 

It’s all about lighting. 

Lighting enjoys central importance in both the interior design and construction of the house. Lighting can either make or break the entire appeal of the house. It can make a room look smaller or larger depending upon the purpose for which lighting is being played around. The house’s lighting always compliments the color selection, furniture, and size of the room. 

Lighting can create symmetry and give a sense of shape to any spot. Hence, given its importance and the wonders it can do, lighting remains at the top of the list. It is not expensive to experiment with lighting, especially if you consider its unique purposes during the construction phase. Even after the construction, a few amends can do the trick. 

Types of Lighting 

There are three types of lighting in interior design.

 1) Ambience light. 

2) Task light. 

3) Accent light.

Ambient lighting is the main source of light in the room. Task lights, on the other hand, are used for specific tasks and therefore occasionally used. Accent light brings attention to specific features of the room, and that’s where the magic light. 

Without spending hefty amounts of money, you can highlight the architectural details of your house and set a tone for your interior design through accent lights. Accent lights include various fixtures such as wall sconces, pendant lights, dim switched chandeliers, recessed lights, etc. 

All you have to do is to create a layered lighting concept as popularly called by interior designers. Place accent lights such as plug-in scones near the specific spots that you want to highlight. The effect that accent light will create will make the room luxurious, which would otherwise have been possible only through the entire wall rewiring. This trick will save you money while making your room look lavish. 

Mirror, mirror on the wall! 

Hanging a mirror in your room is the easiest way of making it appear larger and add depth to space. Mirrors can boost the visual square footage of the room. They reflect light and, therefore, create a high visual appeal and help you save energy costs. A single source of light paired up with the mirror on the wall can light up your entire room. Mirrors can be your ultimate statement piece. 

A fresh and crisp wallpaper 

A fresh coat of paint is always game-changer. But here’s a key. Instead of painting the walls now and then, you can opt for a long-term solution that is effortlessly more appealing than just a simple coat of paint. Wallpaper can be a meaningful addition to your home. It adds depth and color to the room. Several wallpaper design options choose from that cost just the same as the cherry on the top. Patterned walls can instantly upscale the visual appeal. 

Play around with accent tables 

Like accent lights, accent tables can add purpose and meaning to any space, especially smaller ones. It will add a touch of elegance to your room. If you want to make your room look more lavish, then choose a metallic accent table. 

Floor to ceiling drapes 

Curtains and drapes are a necessary addition to any room as it gives off a finished appearance. Long curtains hanging right from the ceiling to the floor can dramatically boost the visual sense of height. If you choose a light and sheer fabric, it will leave ample room for natural light to get in. To create this effect, all you have to do is to get your curtains customized. 

Bold miniature accessories 

Accessories play a huge role when it comes to adding luxe to a room. The cardinal rule is to choose what stands out and not the ones that blend in. vintage, gold miniature accessories neatly kept over the console table can do the trick. You do not have to go overboard. Accessories as simple as coffee table books can create a difference. 

Replace the hardware 

Giving necessary retouches to the hardware in your house can make it look more luxurious. Refinishing the hardware such as wardrobes and cabinets is more cost-effective than installing a new wardrobe or cabinet. However, the results it brings are pretty much the same.

Upgrading your hardware to something modern and chic will instantly elevate the visual appeal of your house. Other elements that you can upgrade to add a touch of luxe are knobs and handles of furniture and doors in your house. Metallic knobs or copper-colored handles can do the trick. 

Wall molding 

Wall molding is one of the top trending essential components of interior architecture that can instantly elevate the aesthetic value of your house. It is alternatively known as picture-framing. Ever wondered why luxurious houses have wall molding? It is because wall moldings boost the structural design of the room. 

Wall moldings are known for adding symmetry and hide imperfections of the space. It creates a cohesive look and adds a touch of elegance to space. Above all, wall moldings can even increase the real-estate value of your property. 

Neutral colors

Classic neutral colors are calm, tranquil, and clutter-free. Neutral colors add character and charm to the place. This is why they are commonly used luxurious houses. Choosing a neutral color for your floor, furniture, upholstery, or fixtures will reward you in the long run. It will save you bucks that you would otherwise have to splurge for expensive style updates.  

Whenever in doubt, choose neutral colors for your interior design. Pulling off a style with neutral colors is much easier as bold accent colors can complement a neutral color and enhance the visual appeal. Unlike neutral colors, bright colors become outdated over a short span. They require consistent updates. With neutral colors, you wouldn’t have to worry about redecorating your home now and then. 

Add color to the trim work 

A colorful trim work will be the most eye-catching detail in your interior design. Bold colored trim works draw attention to the staircase, wall, and windows. If you want to create a modern look, choose a contrasting color to the walls, staircase, or windows for the trim work. A black-colored trim work goes well along with a neutral-themed interior design. 


High ceiling 

High ceilings are a remarkable feature in many luxurious houses. If your house is under construction, then this feature is definitely worth your consideration. However, suppose you haven’t yet incorporated it. In that case, that doesn’t mean you have to remodel the entire ceiling to create this effect. 

With the help of window treatments, you can easily create an illusion of a high ceiling. Window treatments as simple as hanging the rod near the ceiling and using long drapes and curtains that touch the floor can do the job. This trick will give your room a grand appearance. 

Apart from high-ceiling decorative ceilings, medallions can also make your house appear more lavish. 

Window treatments 

Tired of boring old styles of window curtains and drapes? If you are looking for something unconventional, then window treatments are worth giving a shot. Window treatments have a high functional value and add interesting details to a plain-looking window. The classic example of window treatment is shutter and blinds. Cellular shades are the most trending window treatment in 2021. 

Upgrading doors 

What’s more impressive interior design detail than an unconventional door? After all, that’s the first thing that catches all the attention in any given room. Since the past few years, space-saving doors have been trending. Sliding barn doors and pocket doors are some of the popular choices. Doors can be the focal point in your interior design, especially if you have a minimalist theme or an open floor plan. The doors of your house should have a personality of their own. 

Harmonize the finishes 

Nothing looks cheaper than mismatched accessories in a house. Coordination is the key to make any given space look more appealing and therefore lavish. However, that doesn’t mean you have to match up the accessories all the time. Playing with beautiful contrast can add more beauty, but the trick is to keep it well-balanced. 

Create a built-in appearance 

Built-ins such as ceiling to floor bookcases stacked up with walls can add an important architectural detail to any room. However, this style is typically used for living rooms. You can add trim to the upper shelves to add style.


The built-ins are a common feature of cookie-cutter rooms, which are popular in North America. To incorporate this style, you can customize a specific area of your room to create a built-in. Classic white and wooden themes are a good choice for built-in spaces. 

Entrance and walkways matter a lot! 

Just like doors, walkways catch the most attention. This is why they need to be properly designed, and their aesthetic value should also be prioritized. There are various types of tiles that you can use for your walkways. They come in lots of colors, patterns, and shapes that will elevate the visual appeal of your house at a glimpse. 

If you want to learn more about tiles and their purposes, you can read them here. 

Use dark hues for your walkways and entry passage. Tall symmetrical plants will further complement your entry passage. 

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