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Interior Design Ideas for Small Spaces 

Are you dealing with the space crunching issue? Do you often feel claustrophobic inside your house? It's time to revamp your space with these simple tips, which can transform any small space. 

Are you dealing with the space crunching issue? Do you often feel claustrophobic inside your house? It’s time to revamp your space with these simple tips, which can transform any small space. 

If you have a small house or a small room, the biggest challenge is fitting everything into it. What’s even trickier is the styling. The best part about small spaces is that they can be amusing to style with just a few clever solutions. Next time if anyone tells you that you have to compromise the interior design of a small space, tell them these tips and tricks as stated below: 

Use Reflective Materials 

Reflective materials create a mirror effect. They bounce the light and air, making the space appear brighter, lighter, and airy. Use white lacquered walls or glossy tiles. The high-shine surfaces can make your room appear much larger than it is. 

Pocket Doors 

You don’t necessarily need an erected wall for separating two rooms or spaces. A simple solution like pocket doors can do wonders. It can act as a divider and a window at the same time. Pocket doors make a space brighter and airy. Above all, they save a lot of space by sliding right into the wall. 

Embrace Resourcefulness 

With a small and limited space, you should be resourceful about your buying choices. Buying too much furniture or a heavy-bulky one is a big no! Opt for multi-purpose furniture to make the most out of your space. A sofa cum bed, lift-top coffee table, side-board, and an ottoman cum storage box are a great investment. Ditch your giant dining table and opt for around one. This will leave more space behind. 

Use Bright Colors 

If you consult any interior designer, they strictly follow that they never use dull colors in small spaces. An eye-catching pop of color can transform a small space and draw attention to the style instead of the size of the room. A dramatic effect can do a lot for a small-sized room. Coloring your walls with bright colors can create an illusion of a high ceiling and loftiness. Pale turquoise blue, beige, and mint green are some amazing color choices for small rooms. 

Play Around with Architectural Quirks 

When it comes to small spaces, every single inch matters, the key is to get the most of the architectural quirks of your space. You can turn a quiet little nook around two windows into a cozy seating area. Similarly, you can play around corners of your house by forgoing bulking furniture and couches. Create a compact study area by piling up pillows and use a pendant light as the task light. 

Use Mirrors 

This one is the old interior design hack not only from an aesthetics point of view but also in terms of space functionality. Mirrors can make a space appear larger, brighter, and airier. A single convex can add character to the room without occupying much space. 

Scales are Your Savior 

In interior design, scales refer to the way a specific piece fits into the space. Although it sounds mathematical, a closer look at your area can help. Scales and proportions are often overlooked. To fully utilize your space, realizing scales can genuinely help as they will create a sense of balance. Focus on proportions. For example, instead of going for a kitchen island that will make your kitchen congested, go for a large table that will function just the same but occupy less space. 

Keep it Neutral 

As mentioned earlier, bright colors can transform your interior design when it comes to small spaces. If you do not want to experiment around, then a beige color palette is your safest bet. It will make your rooms appear more spacious while giving them a calm and even-toned appearance. If you pair it up with textures, that does enhance the overall effect by two-folds. 

Create Zones 

Don’t have a separate room for every activity? Shifting to a bigger house is not the only option. Gone are the days when you had to compromise your leisure. If you have a small house, then simply creating zones can help a lot. It is as simple as hanging a high curtain or trying a floating painting in the middle. 

Good lighting 

Either you have a big room or a smaller one. Lighting can make it or break it. Installing good lighting pieces, especially statements and bold lighting, can make your tiny space appear lofty. However, keep the proportions of lighting fixtures in mind before opting for one. 

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