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How to Make Velvet Furniture Work in Your Summer Home Decor

Be prepared to welcome velvet furniture into your summer home, because we've planned the best ways to use it and improve the environment!

Be prepared to welcome velvet furniture into your summer home, because we’ve planned the best ways to use it and improve the environment!

Velvet is one of the most popular fabrics this season, so you’ll want to incorporate it into your decor as well. There’s something magical about a velvet sofa or chair that instantly adds a touch of luxury to a space. We’ve compiled a list of stunning ways to incorporate velvet into your home decor that won’t break the bank. Check out our favorite velvet furniture pieces below and pick your favorite!

Velvet Stool

A sophisticated stool in pastel colors not only adds a bright accent to the room, but it also serves a functional purpose – it can be used as a table or a pouf. Within its own rounded shapes, it fits perfectly in the mid-century modern home. The stool looks best with a wooden floor or a soft thin material rug.

Velvet sofa

Pink velvet sofa – this could be your next interior design detail! It adds a lot of brightness and coziness to the room, making your summer home appealing to all of your guests. If you believe that the pink color will not complement the interior, we recommend adding a blue velvet sofa, as this type of shade will undoubtedly make the surroundings luxurious.

Velvet Pillows

A velvet pillow is a must-have on any leather sofa because it adds not only luxury but also coziness. For example, on a black sofa (which is fairly common), a pastel shade pillow could bring a room to life with a glamorous accent in the summer house.

Velvet Couch

A velvet couch can instantly add glamour to a living space, making it one of the most difficult to implement but also one of the most rewarding. Consider it an investment piece because this classic fabric is unlikely to go out of style anytime soon. For ideas, take a look at some of our favorite blue velvet, green velvet, purple velvet, and grey velvet sofas.

Velvet Towel

In this case, if you like velvet, you can incorporate it into your bathroom as well! Simply select some velvet towels, which will not only provide a luxurious appearance but will also provide greater softness to your skin than a regular towel.

Velvet Curtains

Whether velvet is a good fit for your home or not, you can always choose accessories – in this case, curtains. They will not allow any light to enter the room in the evening and will provide a glamorous view of the room lighting.

Velvet Armchair

Another velvet furniture piece that will look great in your living room and won’t crowd it is an armchair. For example, for an eye-catching corner space, choose a bright red armchair that will leave every guest breathless with its own splendor.

Velvet Blanket

A lovely velvet settee for your home – blanket You can get it in any color you want because it’s a great accent to a pastel-colored bed and can be folded up to look like a pillow when not in use. Who wouldn’t want to be swaddled in such a luxurious fabric?

Velvet Lampshade

The final detail that may be absolutely necessary for your summer home is a velvet lampshade. It can be combined with a variety of materials, particularly copper, to increase the luxuriousness.


Velvet headboards, whether tufted or smooth, are exquisite! There are numerous velvet beds and headboards available online.


These dark grey velvet curtains are stunning. A gold or brass curtain rod completes the look.

Bench cushion

This blush pink velvet bench would be ideal for an entryway or bedroom.

Dining chair

How lovely do these bright green velvet dining chairs look alongside this natural wood dining table? They are eye-catching and beautifully reflect natural light.

Floor cushion

Floor cushions are a great way to use velvet in your home because they are a casual way to introduce it into your space!

So, bring the glitzy velvet into your home and leave your guests speechless!

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