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How to Make the Interior of Your Home Feel Light and Airy This Summer!

How to Make the Interior of Your Home Feel Light and Airy This Summer!

Summers are back with their sweltering heat and long sunny days. Before the summer reaches its peak and keeps you hooked with sticky and sweaty evenings, revamp your home interior and make this summer slightly more pleasing this year. The key is to make room for light and air. Rest assured, your summers are going to be more enjoyable than ever. But that doesn’t mean you have to re-do your entire interior design. 

A few minor changes can bring about some amazing changes. Here are a few tips to prepare your home for summers: 

Outdoor setting 

The starkly lit sun in a summer afternoon is never a welcome sight. It can make you dizzy and clumsy. But as soon as the clock strikes four, the sun starts smiling, and you and a calming whiff overtake the summer afternoon. To save the energy costs of long days spent in AC, you can set up a little outdoor getaway in your house to help you get the necessary fresh air. 

Sitting area next to the window


Time spent around greenery is always a good idea, and even your lungs will thank you for it. All you need to do is to set up a sitting arrangement in your lawn or backyard. A garden chair and table will come to your aid. To add magic, bring in some boho and chic style cushions which are going to be your ultimate partner in the evenings. 

Sitting area next to the window 

Have you ever noticed the architectural details of castles and palaces or old houses in general? One thing they all have in common is the sitting area set up next to a window. Technically, this will allow you to use natural light and get fresh air if the room gets stuffy. Above all, a sitting arrangement next to a window can save you on electricity bills. This sitting arrangement is not just an amazing idea for artists sitting next to the window for inspiration but also for those occasional deep-thinkers who want to sip their tea in the fresh air. 

Wide doors 

Since we are talking about letting in more air and light, how can we forget doors? After all, doors are the passage through which everything gets in, even light and air. The wider it is, the better. While constructing your house, plan wider doors than usual. A wide pivot door will make any room airy. 

Bring that feel 

Filling your house with more light and air is not only about technicalities. It is also about the vibe and aesthetics of your interior design. A refreshing wall color, light fabrics, and beachy accessories can instantly lighten up your mood on a hot summer day. Apart from that, color psychologists suggest that light colors have a soothing effect on mood. Inviting some science in this theory, you may have already heard that lighter colors absorb less heat. So next time you feel dull and lethargic inside your dull and dim room, try this simple technique which does wonders. 

Play around with greenery 

While outdoors and greenery seem like a perfect match, it’s never a bad idea to bring in some greenery inside your home. Especially in summers, nothing beats the heat better than plants! Hang some plants or flower pots in your living area and get a vibrant and refreshing feel instantly. It’s also good for your health to be around greenery. 


Play around with greenery 

Say goodbye to clunky furniture. 


If you want to make the room appear more bright and airy, then avoid dull vintage furniture. Instead of opting for heavy furniture, choose a light one. This will give a brighter and airier vibe to the room. 

Embrace minimalism 

The more objects you have inside your room, the stuffier it can become. Having lesser objects can facilitate the passage of air and light. Declutter and make your house lighter in every sense of the word. Keep your rooms more organized for enhancing the effect. 

Mirror, mirror on the wall! 

If you want to make any space brighter without much effort instantly, then a mirror is the key to your world of light! Placing a mirror at a strategic angle not only makes space look larger but will also reflect light and make the room more bright. Try placing a mirror opposite to a window, and it will reflect the beautiful outdoor scenery and create a calming effect. 

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