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How to Choose the Best Colour for Your Front Door

What is the first thing you notice when you enter a house? Of course, elevation, exterior paint and the entrance door

What is the first thing you notice when you enter a house? Of course, elevation, exterior paint and the entrance door catches the eye and make a long-lasting impression. It can make or break the entire aesthetics and charm of the exterior. This is why investing in the exterior of your house matters a lot. The front doors are often overlooked and treated as an after-thought in the home design. With the right selection, your entrance door can be the ultimate star of your house, enhancing it’s beauty by two folds. Above all, it gives a perfect opportunity to add some pop of color and make the plain-looking exterior truly magical. If you are wondering which colors are best for your front door then don’t worry! Zarea will walk you through the world of front doors and help you choose the best.

Why does the color of the front door matter?

Before we dig deeper about the front doors, let’s first discuss why the color of the front door matters? Following are the four reasons why:

  1. It welcomes you and your guests every time someone enters the house. The impression should be a pleasing one.
  2. The front door can impact your curb appeal. Choosing the right color for the entrance door can instantly ramp up the exterior and help you attract potential buyers.
  3. It can be your best bet to showcase your design taste and style. After all, every single aspect of your home should reflect your aesthetic sense.
  4. It’s a simple, cheaper and efficient way to liven up the look and feel of your house. Painting your exterior door is also the easiest aspect of home improvement.

How to choose the best color for the front door?

Stick to the classics

For the perfect look, use neutral shades like brown, black and gray. Dark red and dark blue tones are also classic entrance door colors with a neutral effect. Neutral colors will come in handy later when changing styles or changing the mood of your home. Another neutral option is to paint the door instead of painting it. The glaze of the wood emphasizes the natural material and texture.

A pop of color never hurts 

Some people are hesitant to use bold colors for decoration, but painting a door is less difficult than painting an entire house or room. If there is a shade which you really like, try it! Touches of orange, yellow and lime green make a bold impression on your front door. If bright colors are too overboard for you, then try darker colors like purple, green, and eggplant.

Choose the right paint

Since your door will be exposed to the natural environment, you must use the best paint to prevent later peeling and discoloration. The exterior latex paint provides weather-resistant coverage. If your door is metal, look for paint with built-in rust prevention. No matter what you choose, you need to inspect the door first with an exterior primer. Door-friendly exterior wall coatings are available in a variety of finishes, including matte, semi-gloss and glossy. The high-gloss finish will highlight architectural details, but will also show more imperfections on the door. For hiding imperfections, choose semi-gloss paint.

Look around for inspiration 

 The overall style of your home can help you choose the color of your front door. A very intense color like lime green will emphasize the modern look of your home. But don’t be afraid to break the rules. You can use unconventional colors to bring out the personality and brighten up the traditional theme of your home.  If you are worried about the color of your front door, get inspired by the natural environment of your home. Greens, blues, grays and other colors that harmonize with nature will look great in your home. The advantage of using natural colors is that the house looks like a natural landscape and complements the surroundings. 

Go for monochrome 

 If you have a small house, this tip is for you! Complement your home by painting the doors, decorations, fixtures, and facades in a solid color. The monochromatic color scheme acts as a neutral backdrop for surroundings. Use color to highlight different architectural details. White is a classic color, but another option is to accentuate the door with opposite edges. For example, a dark shade of gray can make a door warmer than a cool color.

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