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The best thing about interior design is that there is a lot of room for creativity. Every year the trends keep on changing and so you keep updating your house and can never get bored of the unlimited style and design options out there. We have compiled an exclusive list of major modern interior design trends of 2021 that will bring magic to your house. 

Sculpted Rattan 

Rattan is trending again and this obsession is for real. Using natural materials for interior design can work wonders for the overall aesthetics. Three-dimensional weaving with a curvaceous cane, rounded rattan, and bent bamboo is becoming increasingly popular. Sculpted rattan furniture is an ideal choice for gardens and outdoors. 

Archaeological displays 

Even if you are not a history enthusiast, archaeological displays can add meaning to your interior design. There are plenty of creative ways to showcase a unique archeological artifact. You can create an archaeological curio cabinet. You can combine various visual elements together such as miniature pieces and textured pieces by sticking to a neutral color palette. 


Marbling visuals on the wall can transform your space and add drama to it. The marbled look on the wall appears like floating ink on the surface of the water. The marbled design is created through semi-brushes. 


If you do not want to go overboard but still want to try something bold then incorp[orating stripes in your interior design is definitely worth a shot. Above all, it is quite effortless to pull off. In the bedroom, you can pair up your stripe duvet with striped cushions or pillows. The key is to mix and match different colors and sizes. When it comes to stripes, playing out with proportions should be your primary consideration. 

Pops of Gloss

Who said you can’t take liberties with gloss paint? Gloss paint is not only reserved for boards and door frames. You can use it in other elements of your interior design to add some shine. In recent years, the gloss has been widely used in modern homes to accentuate its features. 


Remember the time when fluted detailing was a thing? For those who loved the texture, the good news is that it’s back in trend. It’s high time to bring some fluted beauty to your kitchen and fill it up with some vertical, three-dimensional lines. It’s not just limited to the cabinets though. Flat slats are dominating the world of furniture design as well. It will add depth to your home design and enhance the visual appeal.

New provencal 

The all-new provencal style is all about pairing up the classic trio of blue. The rule is simple: Play around with blue, red, and crisp white accents. The inspiration is taken from French-style interiors. You can combine white interiors with rustic and crafted blue accents. 

Textured furniture 

The textured design is becoming the new norm in the world of interior design. From fluted glass panes to tactile twist tiles, modern homes are complimented with walls that create a three-dimensional effect. Any flat surface such as wardrobe, cabinet, sideboard, doors, and drawers can become decorative with a textured pattern. 

Sage green kitchen 

Sage green kitchens are one of the hottest trends of 2021. Whether it is the paint, cabinets, or tiles, a pop of sage green color and its hues can make your kitchen 2x more visually appealing. Interior designers are using sage green color as a backdrop for kitchen cabinets as well so why not try it out and see the magic? 

  1. Japandi 

Japan is going to be an instant hit for anyone who loves minimalism in interior design. Here’s the catch: Pair up scandi cool with minimalism. The resulting harmonious effect is nothing short of amazing! This style is simple, neat, and timeless. The search for this trend has recently sky-rocketed on the internet, indicating its growing popularity. One of the key features of Japandi includes using mood-boosting greenery in your interiors. 

Statement vases 

Vases are more than just a flower’s best friend. They can also be the ultimate statement piece that you need in your house. This year, big bold and oversized vases are everyone’s favorite. 

Biophilic design

The term biophilic describes an architectural and interior design that focuses on maximizing our interactivity with nature. This includes actively incorporating green elements in tour interior design. Since the pandemic has limited the outdoor activities of everyone, it’s time to bring nature home. House plants are a must-have and you should definitely keep them around. 

Warm, earthy paint tones 

Are you bored of monochromes? 2021 is a breath of fresh air especially for those who need a little extra pop of color in their lives. Warm, earthy neutral and sandy shades are going to be the rockstar and that’s not just limited to the wall colors. It’s never a bad idea to style your interiors with oatmeal or stonewashed linen. Fleshy tones, earthy jute, canvas, and wool hemp are also some good choices. 

Crittal style 

Crittal style from the 80s is back with a bang. It’s not only being incorporated in doors and windows but now it is also being used as walls, room dividers, and rear extensions. Crittal style is edgy, versatile, and sturdy. It is ideal for industrial-themed interior design.  

 Pink bathroom 

In modern homes, pink bathrooms are quite popular. When blush tones are paired with concrete, marble tiles, and flashes of warm brass, that’s how an ultimate visual bliss is created. 

Arched doorways 

Arches are the new favorite of architects and interior designers alike. It’s not just the fancy hotels and cafes where arches look appealing. You can bring this design to your home as well. If arched doorways were not part of your architectural plan then don’t worry! You can create it through motifs. 

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