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Door Design 2021: Top 10 Interior and Exterior Door Trends for 2021

Top 10 Interior and Exterior Door Trends for 2021

Every single detail in interior design matters. The door design of your house can highly impact the aesthetics of your house and even the property valuation. Door design complements the overall character of the interior design by enhancing its curb appeal. If you are constructing a new house or renovating an existing one, it’s high time to plan your door design. To help you make the right choice, here is a list of door design trends in 2021 that you should consider:

Go grand!

Big, wide entrance doors are top trending in 2021. If you have a big house, then this trend is worth trying. It will make your home look luxurious and grand. However, wide doors are not only for large-sized places. You can opt for proportionately wider doors for your hallways to get the same aesthetic appeal. Full-height doors that are more than two meters in length are good for starters. It will visually raise the ceiling and give your interiors an ultra-modern look. Wide doorways are best-suited for a minimalist interior design theme.


  1. Visually increases room height
  2. Creates a charming accent in combination with the textured walls

Glass and Wood Sliding Door:

Are you struggling with space crunching issues? Glass and wood sliding doors are the ultimate saviors. Sliding doors have been in trend for the past few years now. However, they get their style upgraded every year. Glass sliding door can make your space appear more expansive. Above all, they are pretty convenient when it comes to functionality.


  1. Saves spaceIdeal for contemporary styles

Crittal door

Crittal doors are becoming increasingly popular due to its style appeal and number of functional benefits. It is made up of a steel frame with hand-welded materials. To fill the spaces of a crittal door, different types of glasses can be used. Some of the popular choices include tinted matte, tempered, mirrored, or patterned glass.

Crittal doors can be multi-functional. They can serve as doorways, dividers, partial walls, and connectors. Typically, they are used in dining and living areas. The best part about crittal doors is that they save space while at the same time making them more airy and bright. It is an excellent fit for ultra-modern interior design.


  1. Ideal for contemporary laconic interiors such as high-tech, loft, and minimalism.
  2. Retains the volumetric space.

Pivot doors

Pivot doors are ergonomically designed. You don’t have to worry about which way it opens since it is movable 360 degrees. It rotates on its vertical axis. They are convenient and come in a variety of style and size options. Pivot doors are frameless. In simple terms, this door is a “hands-free” door. They are an excellent fit for kitchens.


  1. It is suitable both for interior and exterior placement.
  2. It is an excellent fit for high activity areas.
  3. They require less clearance space.

Pastel colors

If you have a classic interior design theme, these pastel-colored interior doors are the right fit for your house. Pastel-colored doors are top trending in 2021. Choose the pastel-color palette that goes well along with the overall color scheme of your interior design. You can also create a contrast with wall colors.


  1. It will make the space appear vivid and bright.
  2. It will add an artistic touch to your interior design.

Pocket door

Pocket doors are the favorite one of interior designers due to their versatility. Pocket doors are mounted inside a wall. They are hung from the top and slide along. Once opened, they disappear into the wall. Primarily, they were used for showers, but with time and after major style upgrades, they can be used anywhere. From the patio to the terrace, you can fit this pocket door wherever you like.


1. Pocket doors save space
2. They offer a clean visual aesthetic.

Bifold doors

As the name suggests, bi-fold doors have two leaves that slide open. They are made up of a series of panels that fold up against the wall. If you are trying to make the most out of your space, bi-fold doors are a great option. They are attractive, sturdy, and unique. They pull open from the center, providing a complete view of whatever is behind the door in a swift motion.

Bi-fold doors are ideal for the outdoors. You can use them as a gateway to your backyard or garden. You can also use them indoors, primarily to split a larger room without compromising on the sense of space. Bi-fold doors are highly feasible. They can also be used to cover smaller areas like the kitchen and laundry room. They can be made up of a variety of materials like aluminum, uPVC, and wood.

You can choose the one that suits the aesthetic value and functionality of your interior design. Timber and aluminum bifold doors are top trending in 2021.


  1. Ideal for modern homes
  2. Highly feasible
  3. Aesthetically pleasing

Aluminum doors

During recent times, aluminum doors have taken precedence among architects and interior designers. Not only aluminum windows but also aluminum doors have become quite popular due to several reasons. Aluminum has a high-tensile strength. This makes it highly suitable for personalization of design and enhanced privacy.

Aluminum doors are very versatile. They are also very durable as they can withstand corrosion, wear and tear, moisture, and harsh external conditions. Aluminum washroom doors are a great choice, given the properties of aluminum. Aluminum doors also allow the light to evade the place. They require only periodic cleaning, which makes it a very low-maintenance option.


1. Highly Durable
2. Low-maintenance
3. It can easily be personalized into various designs

Battened and ledged doors

If your interior design theme is rustic or farmhouse-inspired, then this type of door is a must-have! These simple doors can take the aesthetic value of your house up a notch. They have been used for ages in farmhouses and outdoor spaces. In 2021, with the increasing trend of outdoor spaces, these doors are coming back in style. A battened and ledged door consists of thick wooden battens. A battened and ledged door is either braced or braced along with a frame. This type of door is also suitable for washrooms.


1. Highly economical
2. Durable
3. Great fit for rustic and farmhouse themes.

Flush doors

Flush doors can be used both for the interior and exterior of the house. They have plain facings on both sides. The best part about flush doors is that they are effortlessly simple. They are highly functional and practical. Flush doors can be solid, hollow, or stave core. A solid flush door is much heavier than the other two. These doors have a fantastic flush space, and this is how they got their name.


  1. They are suitable for both indoors and outdoors.
  2. They are highly functional.

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