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Different Types Of Wood Used In Home Decor & Construction

Wood is a versatile building material that is extensively used in the home decor and construction industry

Wood is a versatile building material that is extensively used in the home decor and construction industry The history of wood as a construction material can be traced back thousands of years. Wood has a rich history in the world of construction is second only to the stone. Despite the complex chemical properties of wood, human beings have harnessed a myriad of ways to build wooden structures.

The biggest advantage of wood as a construction material is that it is a natural resource, it is readily available and economically feasible.  In Pakistan wood is not quite popular as a construction material unlike the rest of the world. Concrete and bricks are more popular choices as compared to wood. However, wood still plays a vital role in several other aspects of construction.

 In recent times, wooden flooring has become quite popular. Intricate woodwork on ceilings, walls, and wardrobes is highly sought-after. 

There are various types of wood, each possessing unique properties, and usage. Wood can be classified into two main categories i.e. hardwood and softwood. However, the name does not signify their softness or hardness. 

If you are planning woodwork in your house but unsure about which type of wood to choose, then here’s a list of the most popular types of wood available in Pakistan. The best part is, all these types are easily available in the market. 


Hardwood is a type of wood that originates from dicot trees. Hardwood is a popular choice because it offers a high level of strength and durability. It is long-lasting, low-maintenance, and economical. The best part about hardwood is that it is weather-resistant and does not rot easily as well. It is available in a wide range of colors and finishes which makes it an ideal choice for any contemporary style setting. 

Hardwood is commonly used for ceilings, walls, and flooring. Hardwood is further divided into other types but the most popular ones in Pakistan are teak, walnut tree, and deodar. 


Native to the northern region of Pakistan, Deodar wood is derived from Cedarus Deodara tree. Since deodar wood is a type of hardwood, it shares many properties with hardwood some of which are rot-resistance, high strength and durability. Deodar wood is highly suitable for polishing given its composition. It has fine closely knitted grains that can withstand rigorous polishing. 

During the colonial era, Deodar wood was extensively used as a construction material in public buildings and barracks. If you visit colonial-era buildings, you will find this wood quite a lot. Although Deodar is highly durable, it is brittle in nature. It is not suitable for delicate woodwork. This is why it is unusual to find a chair made up of Deodar wood. 

Walnut tree wood 

Walnut tree wood originates from Swat and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa where walnut trees are abundant. This exotic hardwood comes in vibrant and rich brown shades predominantly with a red and pinkish tinge. This wood is widely used for furniture-making however, its high level of resistance to moisture makes it suitable for flooring as well. It is also good at shock resistance. In the past few years, a shift in trend has been witnessed. 

Walnut tree wood has become a popular choice for wooden walls. Walnut tree wood is a great choice for houses with a mid-century interior design theme. It is important to note that unlike other types of wood such as maple and oak wood, walnut-tree wood doesn’t get darker with time. In fact, it gets lighter in color as it ages. Walnut wood can also be used for cabinets.


Teak wood is known for its exquisite properties, widely recognized as one of the most important timbers around the world. This versatile hardwood has been extensively used in the global bridge-building industry. Teak wood has high oil content which makes it ideal lumber for outdoor and indoor flooring and paneling.

Some of the major properties of teak wood include rot resistance, low shrinkage ratio, and higher probability of water-tightness. Originating from South and South-East Asia, this wood gives an oriental appearance. It is also used in cutting boards, countertops, and wooden frames. 


Softwood is usually derived from gymnosperm trees. Softwood is very easy to work with. Certain types of softwood are highly resistant to insect attacks. When compared to hardwood, softwood is flexible and lighter than hardwood. In urban houses, it is widely used in ceilings and walls. Other common applications include wooden flooring, wooden panels, doors, door panels, and furniture. Following are the common types of softwood in Pakistan. 

Chir pine

Chir pine is a native of the Himalayas where it is also used for house construction. In Pakistan, it originates from the northern region. Chir pine is used in manufacturing certain types of furniture and door panels. 


The wood of fir is medium in weight. Although it is a softwood, it is extremely hard in its composition. It is known for good stability and low shrinkage levels. This wood is very strong and elastic. Firwood is also quite resistant to fungus and insect infestation. The common applications include balconies, pergolas, facades, wall paneling, and parquet flooring. The most common type of fir in Pakistan is silver fir and blue fir. 


Hemlock wood is lightweight, moderately hard, and has an uneven texture. It is suitable for light-framing, sheathing, and sub-flooring. It is also used to make doors and planks. 

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