Building a 10 Marla house in 2020 and get to know that how much money would be needed in the process and what type of construction materials would be required, then you’ve come to the right page. The covered area for a double-storey 10 Marla house is 3,300 sq. ft. The ground floor covers around 1,650 sq. ft. and the first floor covers 1,550 sq. ft. The muster covers around 100 sq. ft.

The house under consideration has 5 bedrooms with attached bathrooms, two kitchens, two living rooms, one on each floor, a drawing/dining area, and a staircase leading to the Mumtee.

Take note that tiles are used to make the flooring of the house and marble is used on the staircase and also as a countertop on kitchen shelves. Let us divide the construction cost of a 10 Marla house into two parts:

  • Building the grey structure
  • Finishing off the house

To determine the cost of building a 10 marla house, we have created an infographic. Let’s take a look.


10 Marla house in Lahore

Construction Cost of a 10 Marla House In 2021

In the infographic above, we have provided you with the complete breakdown of construction costs for the completion of 10 Marla house. Please note the sub-totals for different categories have been highlighted and the details of which are given under each figure.

To build the grey structure of10 Marla house, you need the following construction materials: bricks, rebar, wiring, sand, cement, kassu, and gravel.

Without labours, you can’t construct your dream home, so let us first take a look at the labour cost for the construction of the 10 Marla house.


The cost of labour is usually calculated at a per sq. ft. rate. As per the labour rates of 2020, single labour is hired at PKR 375 per sq. ft. For a 10 Marla double story, comprising a covered area of 3,300 sq. ft., the total labour cost is PKR 1,237,500.

Labour Cost = PKR 1,237,500


To compile the complete estimate of the grey structure of a 10 Marla house, we must know the exact quantity of materials required. You need to find out the number of bricks needed to build the unit and its cost. 

The current market rate per brick of the Awwal category is PKR 12.90. For a double-story grey structure of a 10 Marla house, 90,000 bricks would be needed, making the total cost of bricks to be PKR 1,224,000.

Sand is also one of the most important construction materials used to build the grey structure of a 10 Marla house. You would need about 7,000 sq of Ravi sand at the rate of PKR 18, taking the total cost to PKR 126,000. The sand of river Chenab is of better quality with slightly higher rates. You also don’t need much Chenab sand in a 10 Marla double story. Only 1,200 sq of Chenab sand is required at the price of PKR 35, making the total price of PKR 42,000 which is required to build the house.

Crush and gravel (known as bajri in Urdu) hold great significance when it comes to building the base of the house. Margalla bajri is used in building the roof of the house and it’s more commonly known as Margalla crush for the lintel.

You would need around 1,600 sq of Margalla crush at the rate of PKR 95, considering the total amount to PKR 152,000 sq. There is also Sargodha gravel used to build the floor of the house at the rate of PKR 70. You would need 1000 sq. Sargodha gravel for a 10 Marla house, which total would be PKR 70,000. You’d also need around PKR 35,000 worth of Rori (grey stone) to construct the grey structure of a 10 marla house.

Cost for Bricks, Sand, Crush and Rori = PKR 1,586,000


Kassu is half sand and half mitti (clay). It is mostly used to fill up the base of an empty plot. You would need around PKR 85,000 worth of Kassu to build the foundation of a 10 marla house.

Cement is an important construction material. To construct a 10 marla house, you would be required 800 bags of cement at a rate of PKR 545. This will make the total cost to PKR 436,000.

Rebar, which is called Arya in Urdu, gives strength and durability to a house. Rebar of 60 grade with a quantity of 5 tons or 5000 kg is used to build the grey structure of a house. The current rate per ton of sarya is PKR 113. Since you’d have to use 5 tons, the total cost of rebar used in an A-Category 10 marla house would be PKR 565,000.

Cost of Cement, Kassu and Rebar = PKR 1,051,000


Plumbing and wiring are also an important part of the grey structure. For the 5 bathrooms in a 10 marla house, you’ll also need to set up a drainage system. In the same way, the unit needs proper wiring to run electrical appliances like lights, fans, and sockets for refrigerators and ACs.

Therefore, it is very important to know where you will install the switchboard. Keep a budget of PKR 135,000 for the plumbing of the house. You can’t do such a technical task on your own and you must hire a professional who can take care of the plumbing and wiring of the house. Internal wiring would cost you around PKR 115,000. This is inclusive of the cost of material as well as the fees you’ll need to give to your electrician and plumber.

Cost of Plumbing & Wiring = PKR 250,000


The importance of steel can’t be undermined when building a house’s foundation.  Steel is used to construct the door frames. A cost of PKR 76,500 is required to build steel door frames.

You must also install the main gate when building the grey structure. It will cost you PKR 800 per sq. ft. In a 10 marla structure, the cost incurred on installing a gate would be PKR 75,000.

To ensure house security, the placement of safety grills is a compulsory component in house construction. Installing safety grills in the house would cost you PKR 85,500.

Cost of Grills, Gate, and Chougat Steel = PKR 237,000


Termites are a common threat to newly constructed houses. Controlling termite infestation when building a house will save you from bigger problems. Termites can weaken a house’s foundations. To kill termites, use a termite spray which would cost you PKR 35,000. In PKR 18,000 a tank for water storage will also be constructed.

Cost of Miscellaneous Items = PKR 53,000

Total grey structure cost for 10 marla house= PKR 4,477,500

The total cost to completion of a 10 marla house structure is PKR 4,477,500. When the groundwork is done, and you can see the base of your house is completed, you now need to calculate how much cost is incurred in the finishing of a 10 marla house.



People building a 10 marla house use good quality tiles. Master tiles are preferred in A-category 10 marla houses. Take a look at the breakdown of the tiles used in the house.

  • About 280 Master tiles are used in the flooring of the house at the rate of PKR 2,000 per sq. meter. This does not include a terrace, garage, and bathroom tiles. The total cost of flooring accumulates to PKR 560,000
  • To build the terrace of the house, 22 Master tiles are required at the rate of PKR 1,500 per sq. meter. taking the total to PKR 33,000
  • To construct the car porch or garage for a 10 marla unit you would need 55 Master tiles at the rate of PKR 1,500 per sq metre making the total cost to be PKR 82,500
  • You must hire a professional who can cut tiles and paste them on the floor neatly. The labour cost for tiles would be PKR 210,000
  • To build the staircase, you need marble. PKR 95,000 is used for the marble finishing of stairs. For kitchen shelves and countertops, marble is used. You would need around PKR 30,000 for it.

Cost for Tiles and Marble = PKR 1,213,000


The placement of switchboards and electrical wires is an important part of house construction. Make sure you place them at key points where it is easily accessible and is also out of reach for children.

  • About 25 switchboards of OPAL switches and push buttons are used at the rate of PKR 850 which makes the total to be PKR 21,250
  • There are 23 power plugs and sockets used at the rate of PKR 475 taking the total to PKR 10,925
  • Lights, lamps, and chandeliers of China A+ type would cost you PKR 165,000
  • 14 Royal/GFC fans in total with each fan costing your PKR 5,500 taking the total to PKR 77,000.
  • 7 exhaust fans would be required. Since each unit costs around PKR 2,500, the total would be PKR 17,500. Five will be used in the bathrooms and 2 in the kitchens. The cost of circuit breakers used in the house will be PKR 60,000
  • An electrician would be required to install the wires, lamps, switchboards, and chandeliers in the house, who would approximately take PKR 25,000 to do the job

Cost for Electrical Components = PKR 376,675


A house doesn’t give a finished look unless you install fixtures in the kitchen and bathrooms.

  • Since there are two kitchens, two kitchen hoods must be installed with an average cost of  PKR 50,000 per hood. PKR 100,000 would be needed to set up the kitchen hood
  • Similarly, two kitchen sinks with each unit costing PKR 15,000 are needed taking the total to PKR 30,000

Since five washrooms will be constructed for this unit, everything will be multiplied by 5 times to calculate the finishing cost:

  • 5 bath hangings of PKR 25,000 having a unit price of PKR 5,000 are needed
  • In the same way, 5 Porta commodes of PKR 75,000 are required with each commode costing you PKR 15,000
  • 5 Porta vanity sets would be installed at the rate of PKR 9,000 taking the total to PKR 45,000
  • Around 5 complete bath sets are required of PKR 95,000 with each bath set costing you PKR 19,000
  • A plumber would be needed to carry out these tasks. He would charge you approximately PKR 20,000 depending upon how you negotiate with him.

Cost for Kitchen & Bath Accessories = PKR 390,000


To give your house a finished look, you need to paint it. And that should be done once the switchboards and light fixtures have been installed. You need a base coat first and then apply layers of paint to give the final finished look to your house.

It is best to hire a professional painter than relying on yourself for the job. The cost includes the painter’s cost as well. The  estimated to be around PKR 480,000 for Master paints.

Rockwall exteriors are quite popular in Pakistan. For Rockwall, marble chips are first used. The wall is first plastered and cleaned then a base coat is applied using white sand and acrylic. The base coat is very important as it strengthens the wall. The total cost for a 10 marla unit is PKR 60,000.

Most house ceilings in Pakistan have a design known as a false ceiling. It would cost you PKR 65 per sq. ft. taking the total to PKR 188,500.

Cost for Paint and Ceiling = 728,500


For windows, you need two things: glass and aluminum. The cost of aluminum windows and glass is PKR 303,750. Mirrors would cost PKR 30,000. The staircase railing would cost you around PKR 65,000.

Cost of Windows and Mirrors = PKR 398,750


Woodwork involves built-in cupboards, doors, and kitchen cabinets. It is best to have most of the woodwork done during the construction of the house as it saves a lot of your construction costs.

There are semi-solid and Malaysian plywood doors. The doors would cost you PKR 250,000. For wardrobes, it would cost you PKR 270,000 and for kitchen woodwork, the cost would be PKR 250,000. Assorted fittings like door handles that cost you PKR 35,000 and 2 LCD racks will incur a cost of PKR 50,000.

Cost for Woodwork = PKR 855,000

Total cost in the finishing of a 10 marla house = 3,916,9255

That shows the complete construction cost of building a 10 marla house. When we combine the grey structure and finishing costs then we will get the final budget for a double-story 10 marla house.

Total construction cost of 10 marla house = PKR 4,414,500 + PKR 3,916,925 = PKR 8,331,425

So, there you have it — a detailed analysis of how PKR 8,331,425 would be the complete construction cost of a 10 marla house in Pakistan.