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Bricks Price in Pakistan 2021:Is Zig-Zag Technology the Next Big Thing?

Bricks Price in 2021

The rapid urbanization and subsequent increase in population have increased the demand for housing and other infrastructural developments. This led to the surge in the production of construction materials which is also a progression of socioeconomic indicators in Pakistan. Latest Bricks Price in Pakistan Among various construction materials, bricks have the highest demand and widespread usage in the construction industry. With over 18,000 brick kilns, this sector contributes to 1.5% GDP of the country. 

Traditionally, bricks are hand-made and baked in the kiln. Fixed Chimney Bull’s Trench Kiln (FCBTK) type technology is majorly used in the brick kilns. This firing technology is most common in South Asia. In recent years, the use of this technology has led to much scrutiny due to its environmental hazards.

 In 2018, with the inception of environmentally friendly zig-zag technology, the production capacity of brick kilns witnessed a significant rise. Initially, installing zig-zag technology is a costly affair, but it can pay those who convert to it in the long-run. 

But what sets apart Fixed Chimney Bull’s Trench Kiln (FCBTK) technology from zig-zag technology? 

One of the significant differences between the traditional fixed chimney bull’s technology and zig-zag technology is the method of production. With FCBTK technology, the placement of bricks is set in a linear pattern, whereas with zig-zag technology, it is done in a zig-zag pattern. The advantage of placing the bricks in a zig-zag pattern is that heating is effectively aided with the maneuvering of the air. 

In a traditional FCBTK technology-run brick kiln, the black soot consistently emits, which indicates fuel inefficiency. On the other hand, zig-zag technology run bricks are far more fuel-efficient. The coal is used in lesser quantity, and as a result, it emits white smoke. This is suggestive of a significantly lower level of air pollution. In a zig-zag kiln, a fan is also used, which controls the air and makes coal burning more efficient. 

When it comes to costs, zig-zag technology run kilns are significantly cost-effective as coal consumption is reduced up to 20%. It also emits 60% less carbon. One of the most significant advantages of zig-zag technology-based kilns is that they can also enhance the production of A class or Awwal bricks.  Awwal Class Bricks Price in Pakistan

International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) is responsible for introducing this technology in Pakistan. This organization is a part of an initiative led by the UN’s Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC). 

According to some estimates, shifting to this cleaner and more efficient technology can save production costs up to PKR 500 per 1,000 bricks. Zig zag technology is revolutionary in nature. Unfortunately, the brick sector in Pakistan is the most unregulated sector.

 If this initiative bore fruit to its full potential, the air pollution index in Pakistan will significantly reduce. While this technology is still taking its baby-steps in Pakistan, there is a massive potential for betterment. Provinces in Pakistan are working in their own capacity to achieve this goal. In 2020, the Punjab government issued an ultimatum which states that any brick kiln that failed to convert to zig-zag technology will have to indefinitely shut its operations. You can Also Tuff Tiles Price in Pakistan

Today Bricks Price in Pakistan 2021

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1 Bricks Price in Pakistan 2021

Fly Ash BricksAwwal Bricks (A+Class)Awwal Bricks (A Class)Tuff TilesAwal Bricks ( A Class Machine Made)Doam Bricks(Class-B)Khangar Bricks (C Class)Tile Bricks
₨ 14Rs 13.2₨ 12.8₨ 50.5 – ₨ 85.5₨ 12.2₨ 9.2₨ 8.8₨ 10

1000 Bricks Price in Pakistan:

Fly Ash BricksAwwal Bricks (A+Class)Awwal Bricks (A Class)Tuff TilesAwal Bricks ( A Class Machine Made)Doam Bricks(Class-B)Khangar Bricks (C Class)Tile Bricks
Rs 14000Rs 13,200Rs 12,800Rs 50,500 – 85,500Rs 12,200Rs 9,2008,80010,000

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