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Are luxury mattresses worth it? 

Luxury Mattresses For Serene and Restful Sleep

Have you ever browsed mattresses on Google? Chances are, you must have come across hundreds of articles about why a good mattress is necessary and how a bad one is hurting your back. However, in recent times luxury mattresses have become a buzzword. This leaves many people wondering when exactly mattresses got associated with luxury? 

Numerous brands have started naming their mattress as a “luxury mattress.” Suppose you spend your nights twisting, tossing, and turning. In that case, it’s time to treat yourself to a luxury mattress because a good mattress is probably not enough.

 For all those who are confused about the term and want to know whether they should invest in a luxury mattress (if it’s a luxury) or not? Zarea is here to walk you through the world of luxury mattresses. 

What is a Luxury Mattress? 

A luxury mattress is your regular mattress topped up with high-end materials and craftsmanship. Simply put, the feeling of sleeping on a luxury mattress is 7similar to the ones that you get in top-notch hotels. However, a luxury mattress is much more than just a “good feeling.” It can help you get rid of your daily fatigue and relieve you from back pain. 

Made for superior comfort, a luxury mattress is made up of highly durable premium materials. It comes with additional thick layers for comfort than a regular mattress. Luxury mattresses often have well-crafted touches as well. 

How is a Luxury Mattress different from a regular one?

Luxury Mattresses 

Luxury mattresses are taller. 

A luxury mattress is usually taller than a regular one. It is usually 13 inches in length, which makes it 30% taller than a regular mattress. 

It comes with a better cover 

A luxury mattress is always encased in premium and soft covers. Usually, the cover is made from natural materials like cashmere or high GSM organic cotton. The materials are incredibly soft to touch, moisture-wicking, and highly breathable. 

More comfort layers 

The comfort layers of a luxury mattress are at least three inches thicker than a regular one. Some high-end brands even offer 5-6 inches more layers in a luxury mattress. The foam of a luxury mattress distinguishes it from a regular mattress. If the mattress comes with memory foam, it will also be accompanied by high cooling innovation and durability. Each comfort layer is crafted with different materials for a better experience. 

Support core 

A luxury mattress has a solid high-density foam or a coil system. Some luxury mattresses have hybrids with coils that reinforce the edges of the coil for superior edge support. Some of the luxury mattresses allow more targeted support with zoning options. However, nearly all luxury mattresses are adequately supportive throughout their surface. 

Customizable options 

Unlike regular mattresses, which are usually “one size fits all,” luxury mattresses come with customized options. You can choose the level of comfort that you want. Several brands offer different firmness levels of luxury mattresses, from soft to medium and firmer ones. 



How do luxury mattresses make sleep serene and restful? 

As mentioned earlier, when buying a luxury mattress, you can choose your preferred level of comfort. Suppose you are confused about which option to go for. In that case, medium-firm is the safest one because it supports a wide range of comfort needs without being too soft or too firm to your liking. 

Luxury mattresses come with cooling technology with two options. One is a hybrid (with coil system), and the other one is an all-foam option. Cooling technology works much more efficiently in the hybrid option because the coils offer better airflow. Luxury mattresses are specifically designed to optimize your snoozing time and ensure that you start your day full of vitality. 

Are luxury mattresses worth it? 

Luxury mattresses are more expensive than regular mattresses. However, considering all the benefits as stated above, a luxury mattress is definitely worth the investment. It comes with lots of health benefits as well. It can create a big difference, especially when it comes to back support. Above all, they also come with better warranties. 

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