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A Quick Guide to Choose Sand for your Home


Sand is the essential building material in the construction industry. Statistics indicate that more than 50 million tons of sand are used annually in the construction sector around the world. As a primary component of concrete, mortar, and plaster, the application of sand is widespread. There are different types of sands available in the market. Each one of them has unique properties and functions. Before buying any sand, it is essential to determine its quality. 

If you are confused about the quality of sand, then don’t worry! We are here with a quick guide to choose the suitable sand for your house construction. Without further ado, below are the significant considerations before buying sand:

Excessive Clay or Silt 

Clay makes the cohesive. Good quality sand always has lesser traces of clay in it. If you want to make sure that the sand has excessive clay or not, you can perform a simple test. Take a glass full of water and mix some sand in it. Allow it to settle for a while. Check whether a visible layer of sand is formed on the water or not. Typically, high-quality sand has less than 8% of clay in it. Another test is to take some sand in your dry hands and hold it for a while. Drop it down and see whether the sand sticks to your palm or not. If it sticks, then it indicates the presence of clay in it. 

Presence of Organic Impurities 

To detect impurities in sand, take some sand and add it to a sodium hydroxide solution. Keep stirring the mixture for a while and see the change. If the color of the solution turns brown, then this indicates the presence of organic impurities. Good quality sand will show a lighter color when mixed with sodium hydroxide solution. Sand with high organic impurities is unfit for construction purposes. 

Excessive Moisture Content 

When dry sand comes in contact with atmospheric moisture, it can cause bulking of the sand. The moisture content forms thin layers around the sand particles. This can force sand particles to move apart and therefore increases the volume of sand. Excessive moisture content makes the sandless durable. Sand with a high level of moisture loses its strength. A fine aggregate that has more than 5% of moisture content is unfit for construction purposes. 

A simple test to determine moisture content is to take some sand and add a reasonable amount of water.  The water will bring together the sand particles and decrease the bulking. This simple trick will help you find the actual volume of sand, which will be the same as dry sand. A fine modulus test and silt content by weight are recommended for large construction projects for accurate determination. 

Choose a Reputable Seller. 

What is the best way to ensure that the right sand is being used for the construction? The answer is simple. Choose the right supplier for it. Choose a company that offers a variety of sands and is willing to provide information about its products. Always go for a supplier that offers consistent quality. This point of consideration is especially relevant when buying M-sand, which has various colors, purity levels, and gradations. A reliable supplier ensures batch testing and careful screening. 

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